Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Twitching mumsy

It is a curse. I find mistakes everywhere and it is really making me insecure. I found a mistake in my french grammer book. I found another mistake in my sewing pattern. Nothing like setting me back a week. I feel paranoid like it might just be ME.

So, I crawl over to my knitting basket and hope to find a little relaxation and easy clickin'. I have 2 stitches too many after my first row of decreases. The culprit I believe must be the yo twice. Without yo twice I wouldn't be having this problem. The sentence ends with -90 sts. As if to say that is the amount I should have when I properly followed the double decreases. This sends me ripping and counting over and over until I develop a twitch. The next row of the pattern reads to 'drop the extra yo at each end thus increasing 2 sts.' So now I am steaming. There is no way I could have 90 sts unless I purl the next row and drop the extra two...Should the indication of -90 sts not be at the end of the purl row for the sake of kindness. hum? This kind of technical writing makes me crazy. I don't want to waste time. I looked up my Swing Cardigan in Vogue and found a similar correction to the pattern but nothing specific.

I cruised around Ravelry to see if anyone mentioned this in the comments. Nope. I glean hope by seeing the finished Swing cardigans and smiling faces. I guess the knitting gods are rained out of the camp ground and back on duty making me twitch. I am starting to think my new sock yarn is looking prettier by the half hour. As I write this, I realize it is raining on my sheets!

This being my knitting blog, I won't start parading around in my pants I just finished sewing but they are done. I am working on a blouse now. I need new clothes to go with my knitting. 'Tis all. I was reading in a Chatelaine magazine that a skirt longer than knee length looks mumsy. I love long skirts even if I am three apples high. Am I not mumsy already with three kids? Like it's too late for that man. I wonder if the article means snotty office attire should be knee length? I have so been there and so done with that. Mumsy. I guess I like mumsy. Twitch.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain barrel bliss

My rain barrels are all full of lovely fresh water for the sheep. My new additions to the flower garden are starting to look happy. This being the bright side of the heat and rain combo.

As for my knitting, I finished the right front up to the armpit so now I am starting to worry about those sleeves. However, I will proceed to the cool upper parts of this cardigan after I alter the changes to my sewing project. I don't know what is harder. Figuring out how to fit pants or figuring out how to convince my teenager that she should help me by pinning what I can't reach.

HD is out of town and this being Friday, Ivy and I are excited to hunker down and watch 'Ghost Whisperer' after the wee folk are in bed tonight. Have you seen the cool clothes Melinda wears? Ivy and I are crazy about the vintage outfits Jennifer Love Hewitt wears in these episodes. This is what got my sewing maching out. Boo!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet tart

Ghastly weather we are having. After a down pour my back step has turned into a marina.
A good thing we keep a boat near the back door cause you never know when you might need one this summer.

All in all, a good time to knit or sew. That is what I have been up to. Trying to make pants for my THUNDER BUTT. I laughed so hard last night when I tried on my first pair. I so need an assistant to help me measure my crotch.
My new sock yarn is here today and it came with my favorite candy. Sweet tarts! I love the colours and two patterns to make this time. I think some of the colour in the skein comes from the Quilla yarn that Stephanie used to make the baby girl sweater. It is so delicate!

I can't get enough of the key chain yarn. So darn cute. Now I will spend the rest of the week day trying not to wind a ball of this new skein and start yet another unfinished business.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hanging by a thread

Here is what I have knit so far on my swing cardigan. I have decided to knit all the bottom pieces to the point under the arms where I will start the pretty eyelet decreasing. I will simultaneously decrease all three pieces so everything gets done at the same time during that particular session. It has occured to me that each piece is hanging by a thread while I work a separate piece with those needles and perhaps some extra circular needles would make hopping from one piece to the next a smoother jump. I hope my plan works. I hope the knitting gods are on vacation and let me win one.
This yarn is black as night and not so fun to photograph. I don't have a fancy zoom and special tricks to get a cool view of the pretty yarn and double decrease design up the sides. sigh. Worth it in the end though, I so love this yarn. Great summer clickin' kids. I have been zipping around Ravelry and man oh man some people have a ton of beautiful projects! I saw one lace skirt that nearly stopped my heart. It looked like a doily that had a waist section coming out of the center. Beautiful! And what a wonderful idea. I have yet to knit lace in a circle. I made a lace cardigan for Ivy to wear home from the hospital when she was born. I nearly climbed the curtains over that pattern. I wasn't climbing anything with that belly thankfully but that was the end of my lace knitting. It has been 15 years, I think it is time, n'est ce pas?

Monday, July 14, 2008

For you Pet

Pet needs a post. I know. I know. My knitting is so boring these past few months. I keep knitting the same 4 inches it seems. Back and forth. I find getting up really early while the wee folk are sleeping is the best time to knit. This being a relatively new solution, I only average 2 rows a day at best but that's my summer status.

My new yarn arrived today. I had some fun organizing my basket for a swatch session this afternoon. I had a few rows of swatch done and found a knot. Damn. I untied it and tinked back a few stitches to the beginning of my row and continued. One row later, a splice. Okay, is this normal or am I getting punked here? I can almost hear my balloon making that loud rude noise as it collapses. Let's hope it was just that one ball of yarn. Hope.

I am embarking on this journey with an important clue in mind. Selvage stitches. I learned the hard way that lack of selvage stitches in my aran cardi was a big honking mistake when it came time to sew that baby together. I am praying that I can work my brain around the extra stitch in the decrease sections. It doesn't take much to spooke me.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Meet my new yarn project. I frogged those wrist warmers for something more useful. I love seed stitch and who doesn't love a beautiful pillow, eh? I was at Beddingtons last week and saw an assortment of wool duvets and pillows and thought I could make some lovely wool pillows of my own from homespun. Inside and out. I have lots of fleece hanging around to fill a pillow. This is fun travel knitting on land and water. I cast this on in the truck on our way to the river to spend Canada Day. I got this much done while my kids and HD were fishing.
I have had second thoughts about hybernating my vest. I guess it really is love. I can't turn my back on it now. I frogged the upper part and sat down and wrote out all the decreases and respective stitch count for each row so at any given time, I can easily check my work when I am knitting with distractions. I started the decreasing again and I am paying close attention to the direction I slant my decreases around the armholes which the pattern doesn't specify(quelle surprise). One of the reasons why I frogged the first upper vest. I saw some wayward slants in there...some were not there at all and everything was lopsided. This got me thinking, do patterns ever tell you which way to slant your decreases for an armhole? I perused a few patterns in a magazine and all I could find was the word 'decrease'. No specific ssk or k2tg; so I decided to make up my own mind and do what I think looks pretty. I must be getting fussy in my old age.
Here I give you a rainy day dressing up the dog picture.