Monday, June 30, 2008

What's my password?

I haven't blogged in so long it seems I should have forgotten my password by now. Sigh. If you could only hear this house since the wee folk have been let out of school. Another sigh.

On the bright side, my beloved bergamot is starting to bloom. I dream of foxglove and morning glories...

I have finished the chart of my vest! I was so happy about moving on that I started to think of which thing I should tackle next. I have a queue on Ravelry that I am very fond of and visit often but my fickle heart has another one in mind. I realize I need a black cardigan to wear this summer. I don't like knitting things out of necessity because the love is not always there to keep me loopy. What makes this new fling so hot to trot is that I only have wool in my stash and I am itching to knit something linen or cotton or both. I have some pretty blue linen for my summer top but I need a cardigan in the worst way. I went shopping and couldn't find one to my liking. I took it as a sign of knitting destiny and checked out and found the "Figure-Flattering Cardigan, designed by Margaret O'Leary, knit in Callista by Danielle Miner from Vogue Knitting Spring-Summer 2007".

It was love at first sight and in and out of the shopping cart I went. I have a week or so left to finish the ribbing on my vest before my new yarn arrives. Totally manageable and sort of too good to be true-ish really.

The reason why I have no picture of the vest is, I found a wicked mistake. A mistake that took me three days to track. I have thus frogged right back to the row with the 20 sts on a string for each armhole. I have a good mind to put it in the same closet the quilt has been hybernating in these last 7 years. tick tick tick. I keep hearing Mabel Corlett saying "puzzle it out dear". This vest is going to look so freaking weird! I can't let it go because the yarn is so pretty. Just between you and me when the vest was finished the upper part looked like an average vest for a tiny person but the bottom whaled out like a highland heifer.


Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Le cardigan que tu as trouvé est très joli ! J'attends de voir les photos :)

Susan said...

I'm sure your vest was... is... lovely. You'll show it off at the September guild, and we will all be struck blind with envy.
Was wondering what sort of hole you had dropped into. Are we staying sane? :)