Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vogue hangover

One ladies garbage heap is another ladies potpourri... Last night was the last Knitting Guild meeting of the season and some gals brought their overflow of patterns and magazines to give away. I could not believe my luck to find this sweet pile of Vintage Vogue. They were a heavy and unexpected addition to my flimsy plastic bag but I managed to lug them home. It was rather late when I got to my humble abode. Do you think I could go to bed without flipping through those pages? Hell no! Thus, this morning I have a Vogue hangover. I woke up at 6am which is like sleeping-in around here. I remembered I didn't have to make three lunches today so I stayed put for a minute. Ivy woke me up at 6:50am... Oh S...*! Damn. No time left to fumble with the purculator until after the wee folk are safetly on the bus. I am running behind in my schedule. Having said that I might as well blog this morning since I may or may not exercise with the headache I have today...
The Guild Librarian (Anneh) couldn't make it to the meeting last night so I set up the table with a big thank you to my friend Lynda that graciously gave me a ride to and from the meeting and basically organized the whole maneouver of finding which card went with which book, mazine, cd etc. She is a librarian in real life so I stand in awe beside her. Merci Lynda!

Look see! I have been knitting. My vest is so pretty if I do say so myself. Reminds me of a Monet painting. Love Monet... 4 U d : )
This is the sleeve steek. My flash was a little peppy this morning. I find this picture a bit bright or maybe it's that headache again... Maybe it is my gauge gone awry but I find my vest is gone to be just fine as far as size goes. It was ifey in the beginning and I still find the hip part is roomy but then again my bum is showing signs of lack of exercise...I really should go biking this morning. One more coffee first.
Now this my friends, is the pair of wrist warmers I designing for my Papa. I am having trouble. The second one looks way smaller than the first one. This was my KIP (knit in public) project last weekend. Although I was in the woods near Morin Heights. My public was the black flies and mosquitoes. haha.

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