Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Place

Take me down to a paradise city, where the grass is green and yarn is the music of Guns&Roses

The knitting guild has done it again. What a cool group! Thanks to Jana for organizing it, we (about 30) headed to Perth Ontario on Sunday morning on a field trip. This being my first visit to Perth and Janie H. Knits, I was really grateful for hitching a ride with my sis, Donna and the Guild group being there to share the experience. It made for a busy and memorable time. I personally love to observe the 'falling down' of great purchasing power. Some gals know their way around a well stocked shelf. Cashmere and sea silk... I so loved the atmosphere and the treasures to be had inside the perfect knitting store that is Janie H. knits. The yard around the house is magnificent too. The Tay River gurgling past...sigh.
Thanks to HD, I had a crispy bill that parts his hair down the middle and because of which I came home with a new herd of sheep! I have been charmed by these removable clip stitch markers as seen and used by Lucy on her Dvd series. Awesome short rows ahead kids! Now, there is rumour I won at the draw...I left too soon obviously. I do hope I get my hands on the prize however, just knowing I was drawn in the game was enough to tickle my fancy.

I simply adore a yarn shop that has a healthy assortment of books and patterns. We had a nifty discount on everything so buying a book was top priority. I have a mental list of those books I am itching to flip through and those titles I have to add to my cupboard. I was pleasantly enchanted by Men who knit and the dogs that love them book. I was oh so gonna buy it until I found one of the titles I need. I thus came home with Finesse your knitting 1 & 2 by Lucy Neatby (quelle surprise!) and Knitting from the top down by Barbara G. Walker...oh yeah! Knitting Pharm recommended this book to me and I am so happy I found it on Sunday! Don't you just love when that happens? Now all I have to do is get settled into a routine of study and motherhood so I can find time to resume what's important, knitting.

Today, I am cleaning the house. I hope to sneak a peek at my swatch. Study tomorrow!


Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Knitting from the top, c'est un très bon livre, que tu va sûrement apprécier !

Leanne said...

Sounds like an awesome day! I'm sorry I missed it. I did go a couple of months ago with a small group - 4 of us. It is, indeed, a great store.

Hang in there with the studying - I'm sure you'll get a routine in place soon. I did my Bachelor's degree part-time while working full-time, and travelling frequently for work. Tough, but totally doable. And so worth it. You'll be glad you did this.

nicole said...

A fun day indeed! You got some great stuff.