Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grinding away

I don't know about you but my computer makes this comforting, subtle grinding noise when it is working properly. Today, she was not making that noise. Today, everything was sticking and slow and ctrl+alt+delete just wasn't doing the trick. I tell ya, nothing like a computer to make me sweat! Who needs a bike? I spent two hours of my precious time deleting photos. I managed to shut down successfully and reopen and I am back to the zippy computer I use to have. Pheow!This pewter pin is my draw prize from my recent visit to Janie H. Knits. N.B. the felted wool mouse pad at my computer. It is an obsession, I tell ya.


Lucette said...

Nice prize. You did well. So, I am curious, what are you planning to knit from those vogue magazines?

Bergère de Lochaber said...

To answer Lucette...
I love the Zimmerman articles in Vogue and peruse them over and over forever, ha ha