Monday, June 30, 2008

What's my password?

I haven't blogged in so long it seems I should have forgotten my password by now. Sigh. If you could only hear this house since the wee folk have been let out of school. Another sigh.

On the bright side, my beloved bergamot is starting to bloom. I dream of foxglove and morning glories...

I have finished the chart of my vest! I was so happy about moving on that I started to think of which thing I should tackle next. I have a queue on Ravelry that I am very fond of and visit often but my fickle heart has another one in mind. I realize I need a black cardigan to wear this summer. I don't like knitting things out of necessity because the love is not always there to keep me loopy. What makes this new fling so hot to trot is that I only have wool in my stash and I am itching to knit something linen or cotton or both. I have some pretty blue linen for my summer top but I need a cardigan in the worst way. I went shopping and couldn't find one to my liking. I took it as a sign of knitting destiny and checked out and found the "Figure-Flattering Cardigan, designed by Margaret O'Leary, knit in Callista by Danielle Miner from Vogue Knitting Spring-Summer 2007".

It was love at first sight and in and out of the shopping cart I went. I have a week or so left to finish the ribbing on my vest before my new yarn arrives. Totally manageable and sort of too good to be true-ish really.

The reason why I have no picture of the vest is, I found a wicked mistake. A mistake that took me three days to track. I have thus frogged right back to the row with the 20 sts on a string for each armhole. I have a good mind to put it in the same closet the quilt has been hybernating in these last 7 years. tick tick tick. I keep hearing Mabel Corlett saying "puzzle it out dear". This vest is going to look so freaking weird! I can't let it go because the yarn is so pretty. Just between you and me when the vest was finished the upper part looked like an average vest for a tiny person but the bottom whaled out like a highland heifer.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Grinding away

I don't know about you but my computer makes this comforting, subtle grinding noise when it is working properly. Today, she was not making that noise. Today, everything was sticking and slow and ctrl+alt+delete just wasn't doing the trick. I tell ya, nothing like a computer to make me sweat! Who needs a bike? I spent two hours of my precious time deleting photos. I managed to shut down successfully and reopen and I am back to the zippy computer I use to have. Pheow!This pewter pin is my draw prize from my recent visit to Janie H. Knits. N.B. the felted wool mouse pad at my computer. It is an obsession, I tell ya.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vogue hangover

One ladies garbage heap is another ladies potpourri... Last night was the last Knitting Guild meeting of the season and some gals brought their overflow of patterns and magazines to give away. I could not believe my luck to find this sweet pile of Vintage Vogue. They were a heavy and unexpected addition to my flimsy plastic bag but I managed to lug them home. It was rather late when I got to my humble abode. Do you think I could go to bed without flipping through those pages? Hell no! Thus, this morning I have a Vogue hangover. I woke up at 6am which is like sleeping-in around here. I remembered I didn't have to make three lunches today so I stayed put for a minute. Ivy woke me up at 6:50am... Oh S...*! Damn. No time left to fumble with the purculator until after the wee folk are safetly on the bus. I am running behind in my schedule. Having said that I might as well blog this morning since I may or may not exercise with the headache I have today...
The Guild Librarian (Anneh) couldn't make it to the meeting last night so I set up the table with a big thank you to my friend Lynda that graciously gave me a ride to and from the meeting and basically organized the whole maneouver of finding which card went with which book, mazine, cd etc. She is a librarian in real life so I stand in awe beside her. Merci Lynda!

Look see! I have been knitting. My vest is so pretty if I do say so myself. Reminds me of a Monet painting. Love Monet... 4 U d : )
This is the sleeve steek. My flash was a little peppy this morning. I find this picture a bit bright or maybe it's that headache again... Maybe it is my gauge gone awry but I find my vest is gone to be just fine as far as size goes. It was ifey in the beginning and I still find the hip part is roomy but then again my bum is showing signs of lack of exercise...I really should go biking this morning. One more coffee first.
Now this my friends, is the pair of wrist warmers I designing for my Papa. I am having trouble. The second one looks way smaller than the first one. This was my KIP (knit in public) project last weekend. Although I was in the woods near Morin Heights. My public was the black flies and mosquitoes. haha.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Firefly moment

Okay, so my first born just made it home in one piece. Now, I can look back and be all nonchalant about it. She went to Québec (Québec) for 4 days with her high school class. On the second night I had the t.v. to myself and didn't know what to do with it; it happened. I was locking the front door and happened to look out the window and in the yard I saw a twinkle.
Then another twinkle.
I opened my mouth and simultaneously suppressed the urge to dash down the hall to get Ivy.
No use.
She is not here.
Impending old age is what it is.
This is the first time in 14 years that I didn't share the first firefly moment with Ivy. It made me a little sad. A little uneasy too. How many more of these moments will I have like this?
Don't get me wrong, I am all about the three of them (the wee folk) being self dependant. Go out there and do your thing but being a mom has given me a steady occupation. We have not been apart for more than a weekend! It is like having your hair up and decide to leave you and go on vacation. You have never been apart since it grew on you and it will come back, be messy and a pain in the arse but if you find yourself suddenly without it, you get startled.
Oh God, Pepper leaves for camp in two weeks...

I sent my camera to Québec with Ivy. She came home with 174 pictures! Three of which I thought were worthy of my blogness:
This was as close to something wool related she could find. I forget his name but he looks pissed off. Or maybe its the dude in red that got his goat?

I have a thing for Les Misérables. Love it. I was totally thrilled that Ivy took this picture of Cossette for me!

This third picture is funny. An Ivy plant growing out of a cool planter. Awesome. Where can I get me one of these?

I have been knitting but my camera was on vacation. I have no proof. On Wednesday, I attended my sons concert and knit through the whole shebang.

He is a pretty good singer! He didn't appreciate me knitting though. I guess in his mind, it was the wrong place for knitting. What does he know? A mother sitting near us leaned over and with a big grin informed me that my son wanted me to stop knitting. I thought it was a dig so I smiled back and clicked on. La résistance!

School work has been steady going. I am determined to get this. I have to my dismay come to the cruel realization that the world is indeed a f* up place. You cannot get away with thinking in English and writing in French. They are two completely difference worlds. I have to think like a french person which is next to impossible when I live in the Outaouais region. When I speak french to a Québecois for practice, they have the annoying habit of answering me in french using english terms. And boy do I HATE that. It is not fair. There are some french folks that I need a Larousse in my purse to understand which doesn't help at this point but at least I learn something. I love languages. I would learn them all if I had the neurones. I actually enjoy the beauty of being good at something difficult. I gave natural birth three time with no meds. I can do ANYTHING. Nobody said it was easy. No pain no gain. Move on.

I can't believe this is happening but there is such a thing as English punctuation, French punctuation and Québec punctuation. Leaves me with the desire to punctuate them all...

Then I find out that I have to be super careful about what reference material I consult in an attempt to get it all sorted out. You see, this side of the atlantic has its particular French hangups and then there is Europeen French hangups not to be confused with our own.... Bloody hell.

Then to make matters worse, I am taking a course about psychology. Really cool stuff, however, I am often tempted to remove my brain (because now I know all its parts) and bury it in the garden. I wonder what would grow from it? I am thinking Mr. Cosbys Jello tree.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Almost Knitting

Time for a little treat. Something to nibble on and something to swatch. I am quite pleased with my test knitting of the tweed stitch. I like the right side. It looks like weaving which means I might have a sturdy fabric worth its while after the coton blooms and all that jazz. The big ta-da moment was the wrong side. It looks an awful lot like my beloved seed stitch. These days knitting is virtual so even a little lunch break swatching gets me weepy.
Thank the higher power that today is sunny. I have had it with monsoon rain. I am heading outside now, see ya later.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Place

Take me down to a paradise city, where the grass is green and yarn is the music of Guns&Roses

The knitting guild has done it again. What a cool group! Thanks to Jana for organizing it, we (about 30) headed to Perth Ontario on Sunday morning on a field trip. This being my first visit to Perth and Janie H. Knits, I was really grateful for hitching a ride with my sis, Donna and the Guild group being there to share the experience. It made for a busy and memorable time. I personally love to observe the 'falling down' of great purchasing power. Some gals know their way around a well stocked shelf. Cashmere and sea silk... I so loved the atmosphere and the treasures to be had inside the perfect knitting store that is Janie H. knits. The yard around the house is magnificent too. The Tay River gurgling past...sigh.
Thanks to HD, I had a crispy bill that parts his hair down the middle and because of which I came home with a new herd of sheep! I have been charmed by these removable clip stitch markers as seen and used by Lucy on her Dvd series. Awesome short rows ahead kids! Now, there is rumour I won at the draw...I left too soon obviously. I do hope I get my hands on the prize however, just knowing I was drawn in the game was enough to tickle my fancy.

I simply adore a yarn shop that has a healthy assortment of books and patterns. We had a nifty discount on everything so buying a book was top priority. I have a mental list of those books I am itching to flip through and those titles I have to add to my cupboard. I was pleasantly enchanted by Men who knit and the dogs that love them book. I was oh so gonna buy it until I found one of the titles I need. I thus came home with Finesse your knitting 1 & 2 by Lucy Neatby (quelle surprise!) and Knitting from the top down by Barbara G. Walker...oh yeah! Knitting Pharm recommended this book to me and I am so happy I found it on Sunday! Don't you just love when that happens? Now all I have to do is get settled into a routine of study and motherhood so I can find time to resume what's important, knitting.

Today, I am cleaning the house. I hope to sneak a peek at my swatch. Study tomorrow!