Monday, May 5, 2008

Some love from my back yard

A row a day keeps the Blogging away. I have some lovely decreases on my very first attempt at steeks in the arm department. The tiny armhole is normal (I double checked this with Lucy Neatby) for anyone that doesn't realize there will be some scissor action before I wear this baby. Ah the joy of steek! Makes me wanna Visa my way through Alice Starmore's Virtual Yarns website. My birthday IS coming up in July in case anyone has a burning desire to make my year. Hello?

I cast on a little something new this week-end. Remember my new homespun yarn? I am using it to make fingerless glove/wrist warmers for my Papa. He has been very sick and has trouble keeping warm.

I have left nature untouched in the yard so it is a little wild at the moment...too busy fair-isling don't you know.

I got most of this knit today while in line to see my family doctor. I was the only one waiting without any complaining. One lady joked that I would have a pair of socks before getting an appointment! Other people were too busy cell phoning the front desk from the back of the line. snicker.

Here is a look at the front with the steek up the middle. This also will witness some scissor action before this becomes a vest. Get out the blender and tequila honey. I am almost done.

I want to thank everyone that leaves comments. I so love comments! I had some new visitors and I am thrilled to bits. bisous!


nicole said...

Ooooh, you're playing with fire, visiting the Virtual Yarns website. Too much lovely stuff.

I love seeing the progress on the vest. It's such a delightful pattern.

Hope your papa feels better soon.

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Décidément ce pull mouton me plaît beaucoup. Tes steeks sont parfaits !

Susan said...

I'll take no blogging any day, if it means actual real-life knitting progress. Your vest is lovelier by the day! Good luck with the steeks.