Friday, May 23, 2008

Impeccable french

My first assignments finally arrived from cégep@distance and I am thus spending every quiet moment reading and writing. Not much time left to think of knitting or blogging but a few rows of fair-isle last weekend. I forgot to make a colour change (I blame Johnny Depp) and the idea of frogging those rows was overuled by my brain needing all its strength for 'impeccable french'.

Believe it or not but I have startitis about something I never thought I would. I admit I have a burning urge to knit a dishcloth! Not just any dishcloth. I prefer to think of it as a bath accessory. I found a stitch in my ancient harmony guide that I think will lend itself nicely for my easy-on-the-brain knitting. The coton I have is a light green from my stash from about 8 years ago and the stitch title is 'tweed Stitch' which reminds me of a tight woven fabric. A swatching I will go!

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