Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I miss the blog, the chart & Ravelry. I am so busy with my school work that a week has slipped by and not a stitch or even a swatch.

My brain is on auto-pilot. Last night I dreamed I was shopping for wool but couldn't find what I wanted. I know what Freud would say!

The 'lily of the valley' is thought to bring 'good luck'.

This is a blurry shot but I have some growing in my garden.

I need some luck because my school work is kicking my butt. It makes my 'chart' seem like a 10 piece 3+ puzzle!


Susan said...

I forget-you-not. You've been so quiet, I had quite forgotten your schooling. It's intense, is it?
You *are* still coming on Sunday, aren't you? It will revive your faith in all things woolly... :) (If Kate can't make it, can I carpool with you and Donna from Stittsville?)

nicole said...

Hang in there Aline!

Anonymous said...

how could i forget ....? d