Friday, May 9, 2008

Bo Peep envy

I thought I would try to shear the sheep myself and it is working! They love it. I managed to snip off the heavy coat of wool by using my sewing scissors. It is really easy and I got two sheep done before lunch today.

Now I can save a little money on wool costs.

I have no reference material in my cupboard about 'tubular cast-off'. How did I manage that? I googled and found this really cool blog called TECHknitting. Okay, so now I am back on track.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I love you is you make me laugh, and today was no exception. I am here at work in the salt mines and i thought I'll look if you had blogged today. I laughed so hard at the picture of the sheep half sheared...keep on bloggin, love sis

nicole said...

With your sewing scissors? That is crazy/cool!t

Susan said...

You are wild and crazy, and your sheep know it. Shearing with sewing scissors... *mmph!*