Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bergère On Tour

I had the pleasure of visiting with two kindergarten classes today to talk about my sheep, spinning and knitting.
Here I am with both groups in my sons class.

Back in September, I volunteered to visit and talk about my passion for wool. This month the kids are learning all about mammals and my presentation tied in nicely with the theme.

I prepared a slide show they could enjoy on the big screen all about the bergerie and the flock. The sheep were an instant hit! Everyone loved Koonie's goofy face and 'Fraise' was voted most popular lamb of 2008.
Here the children are about to watch the slide show. My first attempt at Power Point and I must say it was really cool. The kids were polite and genuinely interested in all I had to share. Nobody died of bordom. Yay!

Here is part of my display of wool in various stages of transformation. The kids loved to feel the different kinds of fiber I presented and right away they noticed the wool fumes.

All the fleece is clean but it has a distinct smell in a hot room and they noticed it. I wonder how many knitters I met today? This memory might trigger an urge to knit later in life.

When I began to spin, the room came to complete silence. (I think the school board should invest.) The children were so impressed with my wheel! I must say, the tiny chair was just the right size for the job. I am smaller than some kids in the school.

This is my second presentation to kids this week. I had camnesia the first time and the workshop was a little different involving felting and dressing up like a pioneer... I hope to get that picture from Lynda next time she emails me. That's another story for another post.
P.S. A big 'Merci' to Sandrine whom emailed me just in time with the french word for 'Lazy Kate'.


peaknits said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I am sure the kids were impressed! I like the idea of a spinning wheel to quiet them! (note to self...reason #357 to get a wheel: quiet children)

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

Cela a dû être de bons moments ! C'est toi sur la première photo ?