Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To be or not to be Bergère de Lochaber

So I have another lamb, again. He was a week old last Friday and now that I know he will make it I am officially introducing him to the blog. 'Tris' is his name. He is a little crooked. I think he may run for the Liberals some day.

I thought he was going to die at birth and I sure as heck wasn't gonna bottle feed yet another animal. Mimosa did her best and he survived and is now the last and newest member of the flock gone to the dogs. This little guy has fawn coloured ear tips and is sprouting horns. Aren't we all? Joke.
The big news flash is, I have decided to sell the herd. Yes, I know, it is very sad. I have made my peace and am looking forward to the time off. Believe me.

I have been puzzling over my decision to sell the herd and keep blogging as the Bergère de Lochaber. Would it be weird to promote an empty Bergerie? The wool stash will not keep growing and growing...hiccup. To be or not to be the Bergère is what I am puzzling over among the million other puzzles in my life at the moment. I will still be spinner but not a farmer. I am actually on the cusp of being a full time student. I hope I still have time to knit.
One more favour I want to ask the blog...I have been washing dishes by hand for the past 8 years for 5 people three or more times a day and I find it a complete pain in the arse and waste of time. I need, want and covet a dishwasher. My HD is showing some signs of cracking on this subject...he joked yesterday that if he plumbed the shack for a dishwasher I would have to drive my old car for yet another year...I said I could do that, no problem. My car is old but I love it and staying home is not a problem should it die. A new one would be great but a dishwasher would be.....excellent.
I set women back a thousand years. Please send some positive energy this way.


Lucette said...

Aline, I am so happy to find your blog. The little lambs are so cute, you must really enjoy having them around. Someday I would like to visit in person. Drop by my blog if you wish.

Paula said...

Another lamb! The bergerie must be about to bust! I am glad I had a chance to visit while you still had the flock and the lambs were small. But a person can only do so much and being a full-time student and mother will present enough challenges. I think the dishwasher is a must. If your husband is not convinced, let him do all the dishes for a whole week. That should do it.

Oh, and when the flock is gone you could change the name of your blog to "Bergere sans moutons". You may yet be a bergere again someday.

pet said...

Maybe you could call yourself Fileuse de Lochaber (hope I spelled that right!) since you love to spin.

nicole said...

You only need to change the name if YOU want. Isn't that what a blog is for anyway? A little place where we can do whatever we feel like, write about what we want to write, post the pictures we want to post, and be who we want to be? No need to ask for other's permission. Do what pleases you!

And I have to say that even though it's just my husband and I, I couldn't live without my dishwasher.

peaknits said...

What a sweet sheep - what a tough decision - good luck with it!