Monday, April 14, 2008


This is what I am fixin' to be clickin' soon...Noemie scarf in Berroco's Norah Gaughan Vol. 1 booklet. Something about this gal's designs really catch me. Since I still have the other half of my silkkid yarn to knit, I am going to use (or some of) it for this project.

I have washed my ruffled wrap in Soak and I love the no rinse business. I got rid of most of the shedding mohair in the process. I have high hopes of actually wearing this now.

The snow is nearly all melted from the yard. My last layer of crust has disappeared from my garden. I see winter onions are already coming up. Time to sharpen the lawn tractor.

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nicole said...

I love Norah Gaughan too! There's a good interview with her over at Lolly's blog.

I'd love to join you at the Nordik! Any date ideas?