Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Show and Tell last Monday

Salut mes ami(e)s!

This week I attended my spinning group and I have pictures to share of the show and tell items we saw since I remembered my camera. Two points for the Bergère. So it seems that Marguerite has been busy with her hook and homespun/home dyed yarns. Here is a shawl modelled by Lynda making good use of different colours of natural fiber.

Marguerite (in the background) has completed another commissioned dog hair project. This time it is a wrap knit on her over sized homemade knitting needles she made herself. This lady has a huge dose of wherewithal and creativity! Spinning dog hair is not a pleasant thing to do. Mixed with wool seems to help somewhat, according to her. I will take her word for it.

Renée has been as busy as a bee in her new home with all her pets and wool. Her new triangle loom from Hill Creek Fiber Studio is generating some unique pieces of fabric. This piece is part of a future project using up small balls of homespun fiber such as the lovely novelty green mohair she spun last winter. It lends beauty to this fabric as well as using up those spare grams of wool. Fun!

As for moi, I am sadly addicted to fair-isle knitting. I wonder is there a help group for us? I will soon take a progress report picture but I am so close to finishing the sheep rows that I will hold off. I am soooo loving this project. It is teaching me so much and kicking my butt all at the same time. You win some you loose some.

I still have a nasty curl at the bottom/beginning of my vest. Damn you, corrugated ribbing! I am laughing about it since if blocking doesn't cure it, I will only be wearing this vest over pijamas to knitter retreats like Le Nordik. It will likely be huge on me anyways. It will fit just fine over my flanel jammies. I think I have two rows before picture day. I wonder should I block it on the needles first?


Paula said...

Can't wait to see the finished sheep!

Susan said...

Gotcha thinking about retreats, now, don't I? :) We're both in the Fair-Isle rabbit hole right now... I'm wading into that cardigan. To steal your phrase, it'll be beautiful, and a butt-kicking experience, all at the same time.

nicole said...

I KNEW you'd get addicted. Everyone marveled at how quickly I knit up my Starmore vest, but really, I couldn't help knit on it day and night. Can't wait to see yours. I know it will be gorgeous.

I LOVE Le Nordik. Such a lovely place to relaaaax....