Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sheep row plus one armadillo (?)

Here it is. (insert drum roll). The fair isle I am clickin'. I am nervous about the way the fabric rolls at either end. To take this picture, I needed to borrow a hand. At this point, I neither care nor would frog this project so don't ask. If rolling is a big sign of disaster, I don't mind you telling me as long as you tell me how to fix it for the next time I do such a thing.
I love this two handed clickin' so much that I am planning future fair isle endeavors. I am thinking of a certain 'Ivy' vest in Interweave Knits. I can't resist anything with the word 'Ivy' in it. Can you tell I love my kids? Especially when they are sleeping...haha.
She asked me about the Border Collie dog. 'What's that, an armadillo?' I laughed my head off.
The Border Collie will be black and white only after I embroider the black bits. Ahem.
As for this 318 stitch (gasp) vest. HD suggested I wear it over my clothes when I go skiing. Good idea! It is a good thing to always have a plan B.


Susan said...

It photographs beautifully... and I think your collie looks just fine.

Paula said...

I agree with Susan. Once it is embroidered it will be great. Plus, if you ever WANT to make an armadillo, you've got a head start.

Sandrine Tricofolk said...

J'aime beaucoup ton tricot. Si le bord roule, tu pourra le passer à la vapeur, ça devrait arranger les choses.