Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little boy blue

Little boy blue under the haystack fast asleep...shhhh.

Today was a fun Sunday at the Bergamot bergerie. It was the first trip out to nibble the greens for the girls and their offspring. Off-Spring is right. You should see how much fun the lambs had running free and leaping like leemers. 'Tris' being the youngest had to get some rest. We tie the ewes with pegs in the field and the lambs are free but never go far from their mothers. We walk the ewes to and from the Bergerie on a leash or coax them back with grain in a cup. HD had to do some fresh renovations to accommodate the lambs. The pen was too small because they have tripled in size. So now they have a bigger pen with a larger feeding dish. They were thrilled when they came back inside after their games in the field to find the bigger pen and full of fresh food for supper.
I am so pleased with 'Fraise's' new 'do'. She has grown this fuzzy mop of hair on her head and I had to take a picture to show the blog. I think she is adorable. They all are!

We were down to 4 bails of hay in the loft and no buyers for the sheep on the horizon so HD and I made a trip to St-André de Avellin for some hay and maple syrup...why not? The syrup is for us. haha.


peaknits said...

OMG, he is so sweet, I wish I could reach into my computer and hug him! aw. I'd even let him eat syrup he's so cute!

nicole said...

Too cute, I can hardly stand it!!!

Anna said...

How cute they are! Really glad to have found your blog, will be back!

Daniel said...

Oh my, I really want sheep... God bless them :-)