Friday, April 11, 2008

Good bye sweet prince!

Pogo was adopted Monday by the Dhérouville family up the road from our house. He arrived safely and made friends quickly with the new ladies in his life where his Don Juan talents will be much appreciated. This is a baby picture of him. The only one I had handy for this story.

I am relieved to find the first good home for one of my dear pets. sniff. Man, this is hard on us.

Pogo is a sweet, calm and good boy. He must have assumed that he was being led out of our Bergerie to go nibble grass in the field when he left his pen. HD said he happily made his way on the leash to the truck. My sheep have grown up being taken for short walks from the Bergerie to the clover patches. We wish you well sweet prince! So relieved you found a home and not spices...gulp.

For the love of Mohair I have a finished project to post! Thank you Ivy for taking my picture and Mélanie for fixing my hair.

This is the ruffled edge wrap from Vogue Knitting winter 2006/07 #13. The ruffles are made by short rows. Fun!

2008 has not been my good year so far for casting-on. This project required some research and advice. I am happy with my end result (I do love learning). I used a new cast-on and cast-off for this project. I cast-off using the method found in the Knitting Workshop (EZ) called 'cast-on cast-off' (I wish it had a fancier name) which is done with a darning needle which allows for both ends of my wrap to look the same. I love it when I get the desired effect.
This project has taught me that even a garter stitch wrap has its particular needs when knit with lovely capricious yarn. A limited addition kidsilk yarn from a goat farm in Winchester Ontario. This knit is easy and portable. The pattern is quickly memorized and you can use any weight and throw Gauge to the wind!

Here I am stitching this afternoon...

I was invited to join Ravelry this week and have been working hard for two days trying to figure it out with lots of help to put my spin on things. I love it!
I had a funny thing happen that made me blush even though I was all by my onesy over here. I wanted to email someone and accidently clicked the next door avatar and sent a total stranger an email. She wrote back to me and we both realized I must be crazy. I discovered that she (the gracious stranger) knits fair isle and now wasn't that meant to be!

Speaking of fair-isle...I have the sheep row done and am saving that post for next time. I had put the vest in time-out for being so darn chart-impaired. The lovely fair isle I saw on Monday at K.Night brought back the love.

Last but not least, I want to thank the blog for all the positive energy and comments. I will get that dishwasher if it is the last thing I do. haha. Just so you know I really am nuts, I like washing dishes by hand but I realize it sucks up time much like Ravelry...

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peaknits said...

Sweet Pogo - I am so glad you found a great home for him - and just up the road - you know, in case he wants to visit:) Love your wrap - it is gorgeous!