Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little boy blue

Little boy blue under the haystack fast asleep...shhhh.

Today was a fun Sunday at the Bergamot bergerie. It was the first trip out to nibble the greens for the girls and their offspring. Off-Spring is right. You should see how much fun the lambs had running free and leaping like leemers. 'Tris' being the youngest had to get some rest. We tie the ewes with pegs in the field and the lambs are free but never go far from their mothers. We walk the ewes to and from the Bergerie on a leash or coax them back with grain in a cup. HD had to do some fresh renovations to accommodate the lambs. The pen was too small because they have tripled in size. So now they have a bigger pen with a larger feeding dish. They were thrilled when they came back inside after their games in the field to find the bigger pen and full of fresh food for supper.
I am so pleased with 'Fraise's' new 'do'. She has grown this fuzzy mop of hair on her head and I had to take a picture to show the blog. I think she is adorable. They all are!

We were down to 4 bails of hay in the loft and no buyers for the sheep on the horizon so HD and I made a trip to St-André de Avellin for some hay and maple syrup...why not? The syrup is for us. haha.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Up to my arm pits

Salut mes copines (s)!

Well, isn't Spring beautiful? I am so hopped up on fresh air blowing throughout the house and grass on the lawn...yess! Knitting in the sun. I happily knit the 100th row a few days ago on my vest. I am now *up to my arm pits* in the thing. giggle. Loving the new colours of blue.

This weekend we had fun canoeing in Molson Bay at the end of our property. The Geese, beavers and muskrats say 'hi'. It feels weird canoeing along my ski trail...snort! We made our first backyard fire. No mosquitoes yet!

Monday, April 14, 2008


This is what I am fixin' to be clickin' soon...Noemie scarf in Berroco's Norah Gaughan Vol. 1 booklet. Something about this gal's designs really catch me. Since I still have the other half of my silkkid yarn to knit, I am going to use (or some of) it for this project.

I have washed my ruffled wrap in Soak and I love the no rinse business. I got rid of most of the shedding mohair in the process. I have high hopes of actually wearing this now.

The snow is nearly all melted from the yard. My last layer of crust has disappeared from my garden. I see winter onions are already coming up. Time to sharpen the lawn tractor.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sheep row plus one armadillo (?)

Here it is. (insert drum roll). The fair isle I am clickin'. I am nervous about the way the fabric rolls at either end. To take this picture, I needed to borrow a hand. At this point, I neither care nor would frog this project so don't ask. If rolling is a big sign of disaster, I don't mind you telling me as long as you tell me how to fix it for the next time I do such a thing.
I love this two handed clickin' so much that I am planning future fair isle endeavors. I am thinking of a certain 'Ivy' vest in Interweave Knits. I can't resist anything with the word 'Ivy' in it. Can you tell I love my kids? Especially when they are sleeping...haha.
She asked me about the Border Collie dog. 'What's that, an armadillo?' I laughed my head off.
The Border Collie will be black and white only after I embroider the black bits. Ahem.
As for this 318 stitch (gasp) vest. HD suggested I wear it over my clothes when I go skiing. Good idea! It is a good thing to always have a plan B.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Good bye sweet prince!

Pogo was adopted Monday by the Dhérouville family up the road from our house. He arrived safely and made friends quickly with the new ladies in his life where his Don Juan talents will be much appreciated. This is a baby picture of him. The only one I had handy for this story.

I am relieved to find the first good home for one of my dear pets. sniff. Man, this is hard on us.

Pogo is a sweet, calm and good boy. He must have assumed that he was being led out of our Bergerie to go nibble grass in the field when he left his pen. HD said he happily made his way on the leash to the truck. My sheep have grown up being taken for short walks from the Bergerie to the clover patches. We wish you well sweet prince! So relieved you found a home and not spices...gulp.

For the love of Mohair I have a finished project to post! Thank you Ivy for taking my picture and Mélanie for fixing my hair.

This is the ruffled edge wrap from Vogue Knitting winter 2006/07 #13. The ruffles are made by short rows. Fun!

2008 has not been my good year so far for casting-on. This project required some research and advice. I am happy with my end result (I do love learning). I used a new cast-on and cast-off for this project. I cast-off using the method found in the Knitting Workshop (EZ) called 'cast-on cast-off' (I wish it had a fancier name) which is done with a darning needle which allows for both ends of my wrap to look the same. I love it when I get the desired effect.
This project has taught me that even a garter stitch wrap has its particular needs when knit with lovely capricious yarn. A limited addition kidsilk yarn from a goat farm in Winchester Ontario. This knit is easy and portable. The pattern is quickly memorized and you can use any weight and throw Gauge to the wind!

Here I am stitching this afternoon...

I was invited to join Ravelry this week and have been working hard for two days trying to figure it out with lots of help to put my spin on things. I love it!
I had a funny thing happen that made me blush even though I was all by my onesy over here. I wanted to email someone and accidently clicked the next door avatar and sent a total stranger an email. She wrote back to me and we both realized I must be crazy. I discovered that she (the gracious stranger) knits fair isle and now wasn't that meant to be!

Speaking of fair-isle...I have the sheep row done and am saving that post for next time. I had put the vest in time-out for being so darn chart-impaired. The lovely fair isle I saw on Monday at K.Night brought back the love.

Last but not least, I want to thank the blog for all the positive energy and comments. I will get that dishwasher if it is the last thing I do. haha. Just so you know I really am nuts, I like washing dishes by hand but I realize it sucks up time much like Ravelry...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

To be or not to be Bergère de Lochaber

So I have another lamb, again. He was a week old last Friday and now that I know he will make it I am officially introducing him to the blog. 'Tris' is his name. He is a little crooked. I think he may run for the Liberals some day.

I thought he was going to die at birth and I sure as heck wasn't gonna bottle feed yet another animal. Mimosa did her best and he survived and is now the last and newest member of the flock gone to the dogs. This little guy has fawn coloured ear tips and is sprouting horns. Aren't we all? Joke.
The big news flash is, I have decided to sell the herd. Yes, I know, it is very sad. I have made my peace and am looking forward to the time off. Believe me.

I have been puzzling over my decision to sell the herd and keep blogging as the Bergère de Lochaber. Would it be weird to promote an empty Bergerie? The wool stash will not keep growing and growing...hiccup. To be or not to be the Bergère is what I am puzzling over among the million other puzzles in my life at the moment. I will still be spinner but not a farmer. I am actually on the cusp of being a full time student. I hope I still have time to knit.
One more favour I want to ask the blog...I have been washing dishes by hand for the past 8 years for 5 people three or more times a day and I find it a complete pain in the arse and waste of time. I need, want and covet a dishwasher. My HD is showing some signs of cracking on this subject...he joked yesterday that if he plumbed the shack for a dishwasher I would have to drive my old car for yet another year...I said I could do that, no problem. My car is old but I love it and staying home is not a problem should it die. A new one would be great but a dishwasher would be.....excellent.
I set women back a thousand years. Please send some positive energy this way.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Show and Tell last Monday

Salut mes ami(e)s!

This week I attended my spinning group and I have pictures to share of the show and tell items we saw since I remembered my camera. Two points for the Bergère. So it seems that Marguerite has been busy with her hook and homespun/home dyed yarns. Here is a shawl modelled by Lynda making good use of different colours of natural fiber.

Marguerite (in the background) has completed another commissioned dog hair project. This time it is a wrap knit on her over sized homemade knitting needles she made herself. This lady has a huge dose of wherewithal and creativity! Spinning dog hair is not a pleasant thing to do. Mixed with wool seems to help somewhat, according to her. I will take her word for it.

Renée has been as busy as a bee in her new home with all her pets and wool. Her new triangle loom from Hill Creek Fiber Studio is generating some unique pieces of fabric. This piece is part of a future project using up small balls of homespun fiber such as the lovely novelty green mohair she spun last winter. It lends beauty to this fabric as well as using up those spare grams of wool. Fun!

As for moi, I am sadly addicted to fair-isle knitting. I wonder is there a help group for us? I will soon take a progress report picture but I am so close to finishing the sheep rows that I will hold off. I am soooo loving this project. It is teaching me so much and kicking my butt all at the same time. You win some you loose some.

I still have a nasty curl at the bottom/beginning of my vest. Damn you, corrugated ribbing! I am laughing about it since if blocking doesn't cure it, I will only be wearing this vest over pijamas to knitter retreats like Le Nordik. It will likely be huge on me anyways. It will fit just fine over my flanel jammies. I think I have two rows before picture day. I wonder should I block it on the needles first?