Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wagging tails behind them.

My daughters spent some time in the bergerie over the weekend and both reported concern about Frieda's twin Nessa. Frieda has in their opinion, rejected the lamb. The little tykes grow so fast that you can tell within a day or two that one is not feeding or is sick. Nessa was bigger at birth than her brother Buhda but she hasn't changed much and is not as active as her playmates and was shivering this morning.

My friend Renée suggested I put a sweater on her. I cut a turtle neck off of a recycled angora sweater and made two holes for her legs and made a little bolero. What a cutie! I went to my local feed store and bought some baby lamb formula (which smells so damn good...) and the necessary parts to make a homemade bottle. The store said to use an ordinary water bottle but the freakin' thing leaked so I remembered I had saved a glass bottle of hot sauce. Bingo! Perfect fit, no leaks and looks so funny.
I scooped little Nessa in my arms which was a warm and happy place and fed her some milk. Her little tail was wagging and she polished off about 3 oz this afternoon. Frieda came over to sniff the bottle and she must have wondered what the hell I was doing. This evening Nessa perked up and came over immediately and drink another 4 oz before stopping. Little tail a wagging... Just between you and me, I think it is a weird coincidence that I attended the birth of this lamb and now I have the job of feeding her. Thanks Frieda. I know where you live.
Last night was the Knitting Guild meeting and I got a lot of feed back on my corrugated ribbing. I need to start over. Again. I am so tempted today to cast on something with a little less attitude which reminded me that...
I recently ordered Louet Sales Merino yarn for my next cardigan. In my search to find a dealer I discovered that the Cross Stitch Cupboard in Ottawa carry Louet products. I placed an order and they called me last week to say my yarn had arrived and I get 40% off because they are moving to Gloucester street at the end of March. How awesome is that? Now that my friends is what they call destiny. On second thoughts, I rushed over there and bought some oh so coveted Euroflax for a summer top. 40% off means I can knit this stuff without guilt or selling a kidney. I saved 75$... This week my knitting friends...what is left at the cupboard is 50% off. (Go!) I am so kicking myself for not buying a new Lucy Neatby Dvd!! However, I have some serious bad-ass stash now so I can forgive myself. By the way, I am totally impressed with this shop. They offered to mail
yarn for free if for some reason you can't pick it up but need to knit...That my friends is what I call doing business. I am very impressed. Did I say GO!


Susan said...

Those yarn colours are so yummy together. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next! (Actually, I can't believe you're looking further then that beautiful-yet-trying vest that you've restarted a time or two.)

nicole said...

Oh my goodness, so many things to comment on (I've fallen behind!)

First, thanks for the Cross-Stitch sale info. I knew they sold yarn, but I always forget about them. I'll definitely check it out!

Second, sorry about your ribbing troubles. But don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone has times when things just don't seem to workout. I'm sure it's even happened to Alice Starmore herself! If it's any comfort to you, I just finished my Cocoon sweater and I think I'm going to have to send it to the frog pond. It's kinda fugly.

And congrats on being a lamby mama. I loved imagining you feeding that little lamb, with her tail wagging and her little sweater on. So cute!