Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two hands!

This is me just stepping outside for two more pieces of firewood. I am not one to take chances and I certainly am all about comfort. It is dreadful out there tonight!

HD is still ice fishing and it is 20:15 and he has been gone since this afternoon. Apparently it is the right phase of the moon to catch. Don't worry because we keep in touch via walkie-talkie although it should be fun trying to find the trail to come home. Luckily we have one of these...

Meanwhile inside, I have finally cast
on Grass Creek Park. Oh, if Mrs. Mulligan could see me now! I have been practicing my two handed knitting and the corrugated ribbing for this vest is all about two hands. As the dishes piled up today and so did the snow, I was happily clicking away and all pleased with myself that I was actually getting the hang of knitting this way. Remembering the past tangled messes of my weaving colours with a cold shiver.
Completely smitten I was for hours until I wondered why it was so large (?). It wasn't until I stopped to read the instructions to find out if I should cut the background colour when starting the new one that I saw IT. P2. Gasp! So charmed by my own two hands that I forgot what I was doing. Corrugated ribbing! Doh. I spent some quality time in the frog pond and made supper and cast on again. This time I cranked out the fresh three rows with more speed and noticed a TWIST. Bloody hell. I was never so happy to wash dishes in my life. By this time my finger tips were aching from the points. I wonder now what cast on is the best for knitting in the round. I really like the new one I learned from Sally Melville's book Knit Stitch called "e wrap". But it twists like a Jehu and I am so over startitis.


Susan said...

That's an amazing vest. Er, at least it will be when it gets over its false starts. You are such an ambitious knitter!
Hope hubby got home safe... those are some massive drifts.

nicole said...

Once you get over the little starting hurdles, it will be smooth sailing. Aggravations are worth it for such a beautiful pattern! Can't wait to see it grow!

Stay warm and cozy today!