Thursday, March 13, 2008

Twins again (!)

Sheep for Sale. Or so the sign will say in a few months. I ended up with two sets of twins on the 12th. Thank God each one is nursing on their own or else I would be sleeping in the bergerie for months! haha.
Nicole wrote: But can your bergerie handle the additional roommates?
So far so good(!) although I had to rearrange them (again) to accommodate the testy Rhubarbe. She is now in the maternity ward to keep her from hurting the new borns until they get their sea legs. The babies get confused with so many legs roaming around. They seem to say 'Maaa? (which boob is mine?)'.
They are so beautiful! Frieda had a girl first (Nessa) then a boy (Budha). I will definitely be selling at least half my herd (10) because I only need a small flock for my personal spinning and organic gardening. I much prefer black and white sheep for the lovely fleece. White fleece is easy to find here in the country where I live. My neighbour has been giving me all his fleece before I bought sheep of my own. Anywho. Never a dull moment! With all my midwifery I barely knit a row in 24 hours. I also think spinning wool might not be a bad idea. Getting seriously behind...tick tick tick!

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Paula said...

Oh! The new black and white twins are wonderful! I have so enjoyed your surprise lambs. This winter is so long and they have really lifted my spirits.