Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hello from the Bergamot Barn. I spent some extra time this morning rearranging the sheep because this morning twin girls were born. I am thrilled to have a black and white one! Her name will be 'Raven' and her sister has one black spot on her right eye but mostly is white. Her name will be 'Isis'.

I was not planning on having lambs this year. In fact, I did not even think my male was old enough to breed...guess again! And all this time I thought the girls were just well fed. I realize now that if you can manage a peek at the boob department...seeing some means business. Thus, I do believe that Freida will be next...Oh boy.

'Fraise' is happy as a clam at high tide to have some playmates. The new lambs are feeding and we had to rearrange the 'Brady Bunch' to allow the new mom and her brood into the maternity ward because the other mom (Rhubarbe) is agressive towards the new arrivals. We will be shipping our male because we have no space for the horny devil. He does not get along with the girls and the Bergerie is too small (now). By the way, we need more hay.

Inside, I bought myself a cheap but effective floor lamp yesterday. I must say, it was lovely having that extra light to knit by. I am now happily clicking away at the body of my fair-isle sheep vest. I have to take a fresh look at my Lucy Neatby Dvd at lunch because I got stuck when I tried to weave my carried yarn while knitting from the left hand (this is still so new to me). I am seriously worried that I will be swimming in this garment. I made it smaller as Mrs. Corbett instructed and I am using smaller needles and still I am concerned. I looked up a Starmore cardigan from Vogue knitting Holiday 2007 and the stitches I have on my needles equate to her medium size...yikes. I am three apples high and 100lbs soaking wet. I will wear it over layers I guess. Don't ask me to redesign anything.

P.S. Enough of winter. I have put up my garden photo as an intro to my blog and hope this will turn the season. Outside it is soooo lovely today. It is warm and sunny. The snow is heavy and wet. My dog Poonie stayed outside for a length of time this morning. Sign of grass to come.


Susan said...

I was admiring your garden photo this morning... how lovely! I am trying to turn the season with summer clothes and gardening books. Oh, the power of positive thinking! :)

I am loving the colours of your vest so far... it's lovely. (I found your description of yourself as being three apples high amusing... I haven't heard that one before.) I'm sure the vest will be a work of art, even if it does come to your knees!

Congrats on the ever-expanding family! There has been all sorts of surprises this spring in your barn!

Paula said...

Thank you for the garden photo and hurray for more lambs!

nicole said...

Oh Aline, I totally forgot to respond to your question about a good cast-on. I'm so sorry, I've just been so busy lately and it totally slipped my mind. In any case, it looks like you figured it out for yourself. Looking very pretty so far.

A lot of these types of fair-isle garments are made really big. For instance, I had to knit the extra small Alice Starmore vest, even though I'm definitely not an xs (especially in the hip/bum dept.) But like you said, it could always be more of a layered garment. No matter what, it will be beautiful.

Speaking of which, your lambs are so adorable. But can your bergerie handle the additional roommates?