Saturday, March 15, 2008

Peace and ribbing

Houston we have a problem. I think my ribbing is depressed. I turned my back for a minute and found it hanging from its ziplock. It has been 'off' for a few days and I thought it was just all the snow making it sad. Meanwhile, I am happily inching my way through the fence on my 'projet du jour' and have noticed an alarming curl in the ribbing.

At first I thought it was just because I only seem to have enough peace to tackle this knitting after the kids are asleep and thus it is generally late and I am rather tired and 'fuss' over things.

I am an intuitive person and when I get a nagging feeling that something might be awry I start to ask questions. I really wondered about the proper cast-on for this project from the get go. I could kick myself that that point didn't occur to me when I had the Alice Starmore book here in my knitting room last month from the Guild library. I popped over to Virtual Yarns and read all the FAQs but did not find the answer. I asked Coco-knits and she gave me my first really good clue that I am in quick sand over here. She used a cable cast-on for making her fabulous Starmore Vest. Humm...cause I used long-tail.
Enough is enough I called the Wool Room today and discussed my curled corrugated ribbing with Mrs. Corlett and she seemed concerned and thus refered me to another Guild member since curled ribbing is definitely bad news. I am a really shy person but I am desperate to keep knitting so I called the stranger. I had to leave a message with her husband (which was embarrassing) so I that didn't help much.
There is always the stitch doctor before the meeting on Monday (far far away) but I wanna knit today. I googled and found an article. Apparently there is such a thing as curled corrugated ribbing (I am not some freak of the knit world) and the culprit IS the cast-on! I was never so happy to read that article to find out that I have to frog my fence to tackle the cast-on, in this case it was loose and curly. I am so not knitting this vest after a curled start to then parade around reams of master knitters and be told time and again...did you know your ribbing is curled? Just like when my whole life I get helpful comments from diverse people that say to me: 'Hey, you're really short'.
I think I am handling this so well because last night my sister and I attended the Snatam Kaur concert in Ottawa. All that chanting for peace and healing has filled me up with all sorts of it or so it seems. I love this music and I play it all the time in my kitchen and at the lake house. Crank it up baby cause we got some rippin' to do. Wool be with you too! P.S. turn your speakers on if you click on my link. Enjoy.

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Susan said...

Hey! I wish I knew about that concert before, I so would have gone. Very much enjoying the link, thank you!

I am dropping my calculus class so I will see you at Guild on Monday. :) Happy knitting in the meanwhile, curly ribbing notwithstanding.