Thursday, March 27, 2008

Greener grass

The grass is truly greener on the other side of the fence...when it comes to this vest. I finished the fence at Knit Night and at the moment it is simple repetitions of two colours for a bit. What a delightful and fun project (once the arithmetic is done). In fact, the colours are so similar that up close I barely see the fence but this photo reveals what the spectacles miss in person.
I am so pleased at the moment. The 'Eagle has landed'! I have successfully set-up my new fax machine to work with instead of against our answering machine. My sister sent me a test fax and it worked. Now I am thinking I could wire a bomb cause I am so smart...I don't mean that in case the GRC are reading this...wink wink.

I have been doing some Spring cleaning all week. Where does the dirt come from? At Christmas, my HD gave me a special cupboard to house my beloved fiber library. Today is the day I move my crap into it. I started to knit in the very early 90s and have been collecting Vogue Knitting and patterns. They add up! Every time we move, I have to find a special place to keep my collection from sun, dust and sticky fingers. We moved to Lochaber Ouest 8 years ago and since last Christmas I kept my library in Peppers closet. I redecorated her room in January and had to move my library.
Getting this heavy piece of furniture to my house was a big job. It has sentimental value attached to it because it was the last time I saw James (HD's brother) before he died. He helped HD carry it from the truck to the my studio not to mention the blizzard that was blowing outside that day. A quiet reminder of the good things in life.
This cupboard is awesome! Of course I have too many magazine holders for the only shelf tall enough for them but maybe I can ask HD to move the shelves? I have a thing about recycling useful containers. It comes in handy like when I suddenly needed a baby bottle when I didn't even know a baby was on the the day I had to feed a surprise lamb. Or in this case, I bought a load of used knitting needles at the flea market one summer and I keep the odd ball collection in an old lego container...too funny!
In the bergerie, trouble is brewing. I am quite cross with my gals today. They have been mean to my little bottle fed babe. I have to defend her when she drinks her bubby. I suspect the older ewes are jealous. They deliberately come over to take swats at the little one while I am busy feeding her. I am rather stirred-up with this animal behaviour. I have to tell myself they are 'animals' and therefore I need to cut them some slack. I am a very maternal lady and even bottle feeding a lamb can bring out the momma bear in me! I am threatening to cut them off their melasses and corn. Hateful cows they are. snicker.
I promise (Susan) to take some new pictures of them for a post near you. Today I am too pissed off with the sheep gallery. Ahem.
With that I leave you this Friday afternoon to lots of safe fun and woolly goodness...:)

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