Saturday, March 22, 2008

Never too late to swatch

The ribbing saga continues.

I know I was supposed to do this in the first place but swatches are known to be filthy liars and I am so psyched about this beautiful vest that I was willing to frog and refrog for practice. That was then.

Today, I had a rare moment of daylight with solitude and I put my plan to action. I decided to try to cast-on using 2.75 mm for that base row to curb my loose knitting.

I then switched to a 3mm circular by sliding those stitches onto the suggested needle then joined and knit a new corrugated ribbing. I used a really obvious contrasting yarn this time for fun. I love the look of these colours together! I knit several rows of plain stockinette after the ribbing all of which I tried not to knit too tightly when using two hands which is weird because I knit loosely.

I am pleased my swatch looks perfect. It is good to see I can generate a normal looking piece of fair-isle for the love of Blarney. I can't help thinking this would have happened in the first place. Maybe now the knitting Gods will leave me alone and I can get-on-with-it already? Wish me luck!

P.S. Rhubarbe bite my finger today...ouch! It was my fault. I was trying to put fresh lettuce in her dish and my finger was under a leaf. Holy smokes that hurt! Me and this sheep I tell you...she loves me but she can't help being a barbarian. She is very spontaneous by nature. The man that sold her to me said she would not be a good breed for me because I wanted pets and she would never be tamed. I managed to tame her but she still has issues. Last summer because I didn't have a fenced pen for grazing my herd, I used to walk them on a leash and tie them in the clover patches in the field near my garden. The last time I tried to do this with Rhubarbe, she accidentally wrapped her leash around my legs at high speed, flipped and dragged me. I hurt my neck. The other sheep have always been very calm and enjoy their Bo-peep walks.

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