Thursday, March 6, 2008

Meet my new yarn

My new yarn is ready to be knit. I got 13 wpi which is a little thicker than I was trying to spin. I keep telling myself that I am not a machine so I shouldn't get discouraged. The cake weighed 132 grams. My roving weighed 140 grams but I lost a handful of single when I got to the end of my bobbin and the single had very little resistance to tension due to the fact that I was counting treadles and testing the waters. I basically chucked what would not cooperate.
132 grams should be enough to knit a small pair of socks or mittens.
I finally tried my counter. At one point, smack in the middle of winding I heard a sudden change in the sound the whole process was making and realized after several turns that the meter had stopped counting. So that screwed up my scientific approach to finding out how many meters per grams I spun. Sigh. I pulled back a few turns and reloaded the counter and continued. I ended up with 951 feet. Wow! I got my calculator and my dictionary and tried to convert this sum to meters. I had to find a tape measure to quadruple check my math. I will ask HD later to help me but I do believe I got approx. 285.3 meters. Yeah baby. This was fun.

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Susan said...

Or you could do it the easy way. Go to Google, type in the search box "951 feet to meters", and let the helpful Google fairy fix that all up for you. It's 289.8648 meters, by the way. :)