Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lucky Charms

This post is picture happy...

Today is just the way I like it. Sunny and Saturday. I put down the needles long enough to feed (kids & sheep) and help HD do a little reno job in the Bergerie.
As you can imagine I spend a lot of time with my flock and sometimes they do funny things that make me laugh and love them all the more. Today I captured one of those moments and I hope you can see this...Here is Buddha curling his upper lip. They all do this from time to time. I don't know why. I suspect they are sniffing the air or laughing at a barn yard joke??

Most of the babies are big enough to eat grain and snack on hay. The big girls are greedy cows and don't like to share even with their own offspring so it is inevitable that we make a feeding stall for the lambs. HD is extremely occupied but I have been gently suggesting that when he has time would he please work his savvy in the Bergerie. Today was the day and I gladly assisted by holding the screws and planks and cheered him on. Go man go! Thank you very very much!...and documented this to curb the low knitting content of my present blogness.

This little pen is just big enough for them to come in and out via a small hole in the partition as to keep the bigger sheep out when there is grain in the feeder for the babes.

It was tricky to get the lambs to enter the new pen. I had to manually put them in and watch them discover the alfalfa pellets...('lucky charms' for wee sheep). My first lamb 'Fraise' is such a big girl now I could can hardly lift her!
Here they are using the doorway for the first time. Loving it. In and out they go making a new game of it. A woolly highway. Teasing the older moms. You can't catch me!

Because this feeding pen is inside the Bergerie, I needed hassle free access to fill the grain dish from outside (so I don't have to climb partitions and step in poo). HD made a little door by cutting one of the planks out of the side of the building. He put a hinge on the piece and Gazou helped to get the door swinging in the right direction. Then he put a latch on it to keep it closed and a hook to hold it open when in use.

A birds eye view of Isis mowing down her pellets. She seems to really appreciate the new feeding area. Peekaboo!

I am now preparing a bigger bottle for Nessa.
My she has grown!
One last picture, this time of 'Isis'. I finally got a good pose showing off her exotic side.

I will keep knitting as fast as I can so to share the progress of my vest. I am starting the sheep rows...ya!

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SD Sue said...

oh such sweet photos! thanks for sharing your lambs, I miss my Angora goats. nothing like living in the country...happy sunny saturday.