Friday, March 7, 2008

GNO (girls night out)

The three of us had a nice quiet evening at Knit Night....
Here we are trying hard to look natural while Wendy captured the memory for the blog.
This week is March break in Québec thus my children are all enjoying a week home with me. No school means eating us out of house and home and making umpteen messes being allowed a Girls Night Out. My girls were thrilled (really) to tag along to Knit Night last night. I am so pleased! My daughter Ivy has given in to the DNA she was born with and has purchased her first three balls of wool (with her own money!!) to knit with. I can't tell you how pleased and proud I am! My second daughter (7) started knitting last fall and has about 30 cm of a scarf on her smiley face needles.
Ivy (14) picked out some yummy Katia Mexico wool/acrylic blend and she says and I quote 'wool is not cheap so it will encourage me to knit'. Awww.

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Susan said...

Your DNA has definitely asserted itself in your daughters. What a treat it was to meet them last night, and to visit with you again! :)