Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Can't go anywhere so I'll spin...

The white stuff that we will not name is still falling and my muscles are aching from the shovel...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments yesterday and well wishes for our lovely new surprise addition to the Bergerie...Fraise. She has gained weight and looks so much like her Papa... She was even jumping around today just like he used to do when he was little, thus why we named him Pogo. Fraise has a whole 24 hours in her and she is already exploring the water bucket.

I have a new skein of yarn drying in the kitchen. It is a sock yarn I was trying to make armed with the last information I learned from spinning class. I was hoping to master consistency. I am not impressed but what does the blog think?

I dissected a sock yarn and tried to copy the amount and degree of twist. Then after a while I decide all the counting of treadles was getting too difficult with the kids and the phone ringing in the evenings. So I have made an executive decision to become a "by-the-seat-of-my-pants-spinner" and just enjoy the relaxing whorl of the bobbin and the totally fun plying part. I really enjoy Navajo plying. I bought a new gadget from Nancy's Knit Knacks and this is my first test drive. It is a fancy tensioned Lazy Kate à la wood knob and rubber band. I love it. It comes in a special case with project cards. It works even with only one bobbin! It made plying soooo much easier with the handy yarn guide. And it helps to hold the whole shebang if you really need to stop and go pee and/or make a cup of tea. A tangle in your singles while navajo plying is grounds for insanity. In which case you might want something stronger than tea... like Screech!

I plyed this yarn with more twist than the singles and I think I got a little more than I bargained for. I have blocked it and passed it twice on the swift to get the kinks out. I am crossing my fingers that my knitting won't be all wonky from the energy of this wool!

Knitterly horizons...I am totally enjoying the knitting of this wrap. It is a quick knit indeed and I hate to put it down. And as promised, I finally snapped a shot of my foot with the rather well fitting latest sock. I purposely made them unmatched just because I hate that pink so much. Show it who's boss!


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