Friday, February 22, 2008

Warm and fuzzy

I have decided upon a short row ruffled edge wrap... Vogue Knitting Winter 2006/07 # 13. This is my new travel knitting since my socks are finished and waiting a bath and blocking for their picture day. I won't post a picture from the magazine of my current project much to my chagrin because I have read in an old issue in Vogue that due to copyright rules and regulations, posting a picture of a page in the magazine is a big no no. (Oops cause I did it just the other day). I sent them an email asking them to please confirm this and explain what the big deal is anyway. hiccup. I am waiting the two weeks they said it would take them to answer my query. Okay dokey. I'll keep you posted.

Typically, like every star crossed lover there are the little things that one overlooks in the beginning. Little things that will likely cause an argument some day down the road... And so, I have had this 'core' yarn for a few years now. I have swatched it many times and have noticed this yarn does not like to be casted on. This time is no exception. Perhaps it is why it is still stashed.

I have the simple and charming 18 row pattern repeat in my head now but am seriously considering a frogging. My knitted cast on looks kinda pretty but it might ruin the look of my wrap when I cast off and get a whole different edge on the opposite end. It breaks my heart. It is like a really cool guy with a nasty mother...


Paula said...

If you haven't gone too far to start over, why not do a provisional cast on and then you can finish both edges the same way.

Susan said...

Love the analogy of a really cool guy with a nasty mother... :)