Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Turn the peat

Salut mes ami(e)s!

Here is Poonie enjoying a sunny spot on the floor late last week. Apparently, she highly recommends this...and look see her ears! snicker. (I had to be extra sneaky to capture the ears).

I finally made it to knit night last Thursday!! Yahoo... I started to knit sweaters 15 years ago and have been wishing a knit night would come my way without me having to clean my living room and ask my HD to keep his pants on. It is really far from my house but on a clear night I will venture forth for wool and knitterly company...not to mention it is held in a book store...decked out with a Starbucks. I brought my Aran cardigan to ask for help. I was very touched by the positive comments about my work. (Merci!) I am finding sewing-up rather hard to do with all the lovely seed stitch. My Lucy Neatby Dvd only teaches sewing-up a stockinette fabric so if anyone out there wants to give me advice I would really appreciate it! I think I will go blind too. Shine a light on me please. All those little nubs start to dance around after an hour or so. The gals helping me agreed that maybe I wasn't doing the best job and I am very willing to rip out so far and have another go with the advice I gleaned around the table.

I was kinda nervous (I don't get out much...never mind with adults!) and look what I did. I unraveled the wrong end and unknit some of the sleeve...bloody hell. So I had to operate before sewing this afternoon. Talking on the phone doesn't help either no matter how much moral support one needs. Believe me, I tried that too. Where is the scotch?
I took a break and made a cake just because I wanted to do something mindless and easy and totally rewarding.

I now live for Thursdays which only makes growing old come faster but I think I will swatch my little heart out this week on Frieda's wool again since my new knit Picks arrived yesterday. Just in time too because I was in a right-foul-mood yesterday. I washed walls to calm down...that is how bad it was. I am basically a sunny positive person but yesterday was one of those come hell or high water days. New needles came to my rescue. My sister and I had an interesting conversation about the money spent on shipping and why didn't I tell her I was ordering so she could share the joy...sorry! It only cost me 7.99$ in shipping and the way I see things...If I was to drive to the LYS I would probably take myself out for dinner and spend at least 8 bucks so que sera sera. I stay home and eat homemade hummus and get lovely parcels in the mail.
Last night was the Spinning & Weavers Guild meeting. I got to gush over the lovely hoodie that Elizabeth W. made from Knitty. When last I spent an afternoon in her spinning class she was knitting this project. She dyed the corriedale roving herself and two-plied it to make this fabulous varigated self-striping yarn. She wore it last night...I am so sorry I had camnesia!

I am still cranking out my latest socks. I am still not thrilled with the colourway but the funky little number is still on the to-do list!


Susan said...

Arrgh! I'm sorry you had troubles with your seaming, or un-seaming... I, for one, thought it was lovely. However, it was so much more advanced than anything I've ever done you need to take my praise with salt.

And coffee. Like on Thursday. Wasn't that fun??!

So you succumbed (again?!) to the black hole that is KnitPicks... *snicker*... I'm waiting for an order from them, too. Something about those Harmony woods... :)

peaknits said...

You washed walls to calm down? Yup, that is bad:) Hope it all worked out - but with or without Scotch? Your dog is adorable, how sweet they are when they nap. Yes, Harmony woods - rock!