Friday, February 8, 2008

Tassel me

I just finished my new cabled hat.

This pattern is from the Patons book 717 Cool Weather accessories for Shetland Ragg yarn. This time around, I used a chunkier yarn (to match my coat) that actually has wool in it which I much prefer but had a fun time converting the pattern too... I believe I knit this bad boy three times before succeeding. I will rewrite this pattern in my own words because it confuses me unnecessarily. I get many happy comments about this hat when I am out and about with it on my head...I think it would make a good gift for some friends and perhaps my teenager would wear one???

In other knitting related news...last night was knit Night. The lady with the chemical allergies had another reaction and had to leave early and this time she singled me out as the reason she was feeling sick. Geez Louise she has it out for me. Can I really be the only person in Chapters and Starbucks oozing chemicals? The truth is, I took great pains to have a hot shower before the meeting. I don't wear any makeup or ever use lotions. I did not wear my parfum. I did not wear deodorant. The lady sitting next the allergic one admitted after she left that she was in fact wearing parfum and deodorant last night... So why should I take the blame? My husband tried to console me last night but I am still obsessing. It is not funny to be allergic to chemicals. I realize the danger of it and I would never purposely set out to hurt someone. I also understand her frustration in having to leave the group early because she must love it too and naturally she would point a finger on her way out. What is the proper etiquette? I have no idea. If I never go back I will never know if she keeps reacting or not. Maybe she doesn't realize there are chemicals in store bought yarn too. Frankly, I am disappointed that the winds have been sucked out of my sails. Boohiss. Just when I thought things were looking up.


Susan said...

Please don't let her rudeness take the fun out of knit night. I don't feel it was appropriate for her to randomly point fingers, and I'm angry that she did so, especially how she detracted from your enjoyment. Come again... please.

nicole said...

I too try to be "sensitive" to people with allergies, and as a rule, I avoid wearing scented products in public, but some people take it too far. I've been in similar situations where a gathering becomes a veritable Spanish Inquisition of "did someone washed their hair with shampoo today?" Give me a break!

Singling someone out in a group is really rude. It's one thing to give a general reminder to others of your special needs, it's another to try and sniff out the culprit, making everyone uncomfortable in the process.

You should definitely go back to knit night, especially since you know that "you're" not the problem.