Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine

My son greeted me first thing this morning with a rose... What a lovely way to start the day! I hope your day was just as filled with sunshine and extra love. Je t'aime Gazou!!

Here is Chloé smelling the roses...
Je t'aime Pepper!

Ivy refused to have her picture taken but...
Je t'aime Ivy-Lory!!

I decided to have some special love in the knitting department today. I fetched my 'core' stash ball of silk kid. What better way to knit on Valentine's Day? The swatching led to much inner debate. What will I do with this special yarn? My HD gave me this yarn as a gift. There is more or less 400gms. The years are slipping by because I can't find the pattern. Nothing seems to fit because it is too lovely and one of a kind. I found another lovely cardigan I want to knit in Vogue Knitting today and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately it needs 600gms! I am not brave enough to tempt the knitting gods and tackle just any pattern since frogging is not an option. The mohair is too clingy.

Then, I thought of Henry and how marvelous such a soft fabric would be on my neck but I don't have that length of circular can never have too many knit picks, eh? It has to be a perfect match...the thrill of the pattern coupled with the amount of precious yarn on hand.

Frieda's wool was glaring at me from her ziplock. As I swatch this super fine yarn I wanna slap the spinner whom made it then I was me! For fun, I did the wraps per inch test today and the result was 18 wpi (2ply). I think this is screaming gossamer shawl. My big bright idea of spinning a fine yarn to make a sweater that was more under wear than outter wear is kicking my butt. It is too feminin and willow-the-wispy. I think I will have to spin a thicker single for the next bobbin if I dare make anything for my man. Then again, spinning is slow going these days. Too many people around here needing sustenance. But a lovely sunny Valentine's Day just the same. The school bus seemed to arrive early today of all days...

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