Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The best game you can name

Well it's about time, eh? I am 35 years old and I finally get to see a feakin' hockey game. I brought my sock. Turned out that my sock had special powers. Not only is the wool in the team colours but they kicked butt. 8 to 0 while I was there and then after I left the visiting team scored one goal...I think it is because the sock left the arena but I have no proof. I had lots of fun and would go back again should my HD invite me.

I haven't been home much... So my travelling knitting is coming along nicely. We had a fabulous Knitting Guild meeting on Monday. I did the show and tell thing with my new Aran Cardigan. Gosh, it was so sweet of all the ladies that came up to me to compliment my Everest... Aw Gee...thank you lovely knitting ladies!!
Sally Melville was visiting and gave us a really inspirational talk about her ideas and designs. Unfortunately I could not take any of her workshops this time but rumour has it she is moving to Ottawa...Squwee! The best part of course is the display of her sweaters and vests. Ooh La La. Whom can sleep after seeing so many beautiful knits? I simply adore the Knitting Guild meetings. Thank God the weather was permissive. Everyone is working on something divine and it is so much fun when you recognize a pattern etc. Lots of good ideas floating around. I also attended the Stitch Doctor session. Wow! I learned so much in 20 minutes. I will not miss another session ever again. I am in awe of these talented ladies that have so much information and so adept at sharing and teaching.

Since I haven't posted in far too long...I will also share that I was at my Spinning Group chez Renée last monday afternoon. (I had to get away from the kids that had a spontaneous holiday from school, O the joy.) Marguerite asked me if I could swatch up a cute little pattern in the last Spin Off magazine winter 2007. A cute little knitted ankletto by Phreadde Davis on page 46-47. Very smart looking accessory but the written instructions left much to be desired. I should fire off an email... I had to work at it but I got it to cooperate and here is my sample for next Monday. I guess I will be teaching some knitting to the group. Yum! Renée bought a really cool book. I decided I must acquire it too. New Pathways for Sock Knitters book one by Cat Bordhi. She asked me to take it home (twist my rubber arm) and do some samples. I admit I am having lots of fun.
Last weekend, my girls and I took in Winterlude. We had a good time eating beaver tails, poutine, lots of exercise and the highlight was riding the city bus! We also walked and walked and walked some more...that really smarted in the morning but I loved it. Very pleased to live so near the Capital. I miss my days working downtown, sniff. But my sheep and my garden make amends.

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Susan said...

Good morning! What a lovely, chatty, newsy blog entry! I am particularly in love with the yarn in the second picture from last... what is the yarn, and what is the project?
I didn't get there early enough to make it to the Stitch Doctor but I'll have to try next time... in June, I think, as I now have classes on Mondays and I can't go to Guild for a while. At least I will have the knit-nights on Thursdays!
My email address is susan(dot)anderson(dot)forster(at)