Thursday, February 7, 2008

Al denté

With all that snow outside I decided to once and for all finish stitching my Aran cardigan because I am so sick of saying that. I was even entertaining the thought of feeling sorry for myself what with all those rows of knitting to be handstitched until I took a peek at the Yarn Harlot and her vintage sock...gasp! Somebody should name a darning needle after Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She is a huge inspiration and she got me motivated.

I didn't presume to get finished stitching today. Not counting chicks until they hatch sort of thing. At one point I was up to my armpits....

The buttons were a reward to break the monotony...

I got out the magazine that inspired this project and remembered that I was lactating when I cast on this Mt. Everest...that little baby boy is almost six...Geez Louise time flies.

There was a rap at the front door and my friend Lynda gave me this thoughtful gift. A
wraps per inch gauge from Ashford. This little thing is used for gauging the wpi (wraps per inch) of your handspun. You count how many times the strand wraps within the inch or half-inch space and that tells you the weight of your yarn. I didn't have one and I am so pleased. Thank you Lynda! And for my blog readers that spin...this is apparently a new gadget you can buy from Ashford if you want one too.

And wouldn't you know it, I must be getting better at this sewing seed stitchness because my Aran cardigan is officially

unblocked al denté! I hope to find someone willing to take a better picture of moi, just for you Pet.


Susan said...

Congratulations! I bet that feels so good to have it done.

I probably won't see you at knit night tonight, DH and I have a reno project on the go, but I look forward to seeing how you solved the seed-stitch seaming issue!

nicole said...

Oh yes, more pictures please. From that little one at the bottom, it looks beautiful! Congratulations on getting it done.