Saturday, January 5, 2008

The hills

I packed my spindle and off we went to Mandeville Québec for two days. We had a sheep-sitter and headed for the hills....

My HD builds log homes and this is first time I got to visit this one since it left our yard a few years ago... I must say, it is very pretty along the Mastigouche river gurgling even in winter. We were invited to stay and take a break from the month of December from hell...

Now I realize how tiny I I could barely get my face into the picture...standing on my toes next to Len which makes for a funny picture.

Here are the wee folks admiring the majestic scenery...but don't fall in! (We didn't hang around because it was freezing cold).

I can't wait to come back in the warmer weather to hike up the mountain..oh so pretty!

So my knitting stayed home and all I managed to spin was a few yards of what will someday be a shawl...I decided to read my book instead which is getting really juicy...Marius falls in love with Cossette...Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

I just got back from the LYS and the knitting gods were smiling because low and behold today was the last day of a 15% sale! So I bought the coveted ball of Sirdar Cossack Chunky to make a new hat that will better match my new coat. I get so many compliments on this cable hat and matching mitt set that I decided to make at least a new hat. I will use smaller needles since my gray hat is getting stretchy which is only good if I wear my hair up.

The Gallaway and Classic wool are for two new hedgehogs this year. I found cute eyelash yarn by On line in fun colours to make punky hair.

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peaknits said...

That is a cute picture with you peeking in. That hat is great - you need at least one more!