Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hank, hanker, hankering...

Salut mes ami(es)!

Tis moi, I am back. Oh how I've missed thee... I have another bedroom painted. Sigh. While painting, I spent much of that time dreaming about what I would rather be doing woolwise. I have been to the Knitting Guild meeting last Monday evening. It was over way too fast and perhaps it is just me but I love it there! The topic was steeks. Just in time! I am about to finish my cardigan and onto my fair isle project. It was very inspiring to see some lovely projects on display. Who can resist the show and tell? One gal brought a Dr. Who scarf! That was cool.

I decided to start swatching my beloved Frieda homespun. I must say I would much rather make a shawl of this stuff...something really leafy for myself...but my HD goes on and on about the sweater I am making for him and when am I starting it? Lets face it, he built me a beautiful bergerie for my flock so I think the hours and hours of scourging, combing, carding, spinning, plying, washing, blocking, ball winding, and swatching will go to him. Thank you!

In other news my blog went all crazy and I lost some of my buttons and pictures and spent much of my blogging time this week tweaking the thing. I think something is wrong with Blogger. Hope it doesn't make a habit of it. Shhh, in case the universe is listening. So in the meantime, I am starting to knit the collar on my aran cardi and then sew it all up...gulp. I haven't sewn a sweater in....7 years!!

I am off now to swatch from my fresh cake of wool. I am amazed it went so well. I have nearly 200 grams on this baby and no snags this time. Go man. I am thinking maybe the rest of this shack doesn't need new paint so badly after all...snort!

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nicole said...

Ooooh your husband is lucky, all that carefully and beautifully spun wool. But you're right, he DID build you a gorgeous bergerie... Can't wait to see what you make.

Too bad I missed the Knitting Guild. I was working overtime (boohiss)

Hope you're enjoying the gorgeous weather today. Can't decide if I want to go skiing in Gatineau Park, or skating on the canal. What a pleasant quandary!