Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Monday

I have a busy week ahead and will basically be on the run in between school buses but I decided that I would not miss my spinning group this week even though the house doesn't clean itself. Going to Renée's is like stepping into the wardrobe in Narnia...Like magic I relax and wish I never had a dish to wash again...sigh. Renée gave me this gift today. She was inspired by the stitch markers I am using on my aran cardi. She made me some tinier ones for my next Frieda wool project (Frieda comes from her farm) since those needles will be even smaller. These stitch markers will not snag my wool like the ones I use now. Merci Renée!A nice group gathered this week for tea and fiber news. Claire tried on a tam and mitten set made by Marguerite as a commissioned project using dog fur. Amazingly soft pooch indeed. It was mixed with a small percentage of wool. Marguerite also brought two hats she made with homespun. One hat has some eyelash yarn trim for a Spring day walk in the park. Hey, it would look good with my new boots! tsk.

Anne-Claude brought a felted baby bunting bag. The scenery of which is of a tree and forest creatures. The baby's name is being embroidered on the front and up close you can see bunny ears protruding from the fabric in a very organic way. Can you tell we are country gals? Renée's flock got loose this past week and we listened to the rescue adventure story (none were hurt or lost thank God) while sipping some fabulous thé à la Renée...

I got home just before the bus only to find a note that my postman had come calling... I was surprised because I had ordered from Knit picks on Friday and they couldn't possibly be here already! The note said to pick up after 17:00 so I made my stir fry for dinner and was washing the dishes and thinking about a post I once read on Knittingpharm about when the postman delivered her sock club parcel and he was startled when she 'squweed' at him. Then it hit me...My Rockin' Sock Club parcel was delivered today!! I never washed cutlery so fast...I got onto the hwy only to slam the breaks because I forgot my parcel notice on the window sill...Bloody hell. Back on the hwy I jumped when I heard the sound of police sirens...What? Pheow, he did a U-turn and headed to the side road...nothing was coming between me and my blue moon wool!...Safely back home I opened my very first knitting club parcel...this is the year of innovation. STR-in-my-house. Welcome home baby.

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peaknits said...

What a scene to get that Rockin Sock package:) I have seen a spoiler - it's pretty! How about the pattern? I am always curious about the new patterns they include.

pretty stitch markers too!