Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Chez Mme. Dupont

My jalopy is having issues with Renée's new driveway... Apparently I am the only one that hasn't made it up the hill this winter. I have new winter tires so perhaps what I really need is speed. I decided to leave my car in the gate and walk up to the house. My hobbies are sedentary and I can use the exercise!

A little about my friend Renée....I met her a couple of years ago at a Christmas Artisan exposition here in La Petite Nation which is what we call this region where I live. She makes lovely pottery and at the time she was raising Merino and Jacob sheep which she would spin, weave and knit. My HD spotted a cake of wool on her table and we raced over to meet Mme. Dupont. Much to Len's chagrin the wool was not for sale but we got to talking and she invited me to join Les Fileuses, the Monday spinning group that meets at her house every week. Thus I learned how my Mum's spinning wheel worked and we searched through old Spin-Off issues to learn that my inherited wheel was indeed a Lendrum!! I was sent home with a feed bag full of smelly Jacob fleece and instructions on how to wash it. On the road to making my own yarn (how great is that) and head over heels in love with the art. Renée is about the same age as my Mother would be and I think they could have been sisters in some former life. What a blessing to meet this talented lady!! I have met so many lovely artists through this Monday group. We all share and inspire each other. Its fabulous.

Here is Doux-doux Renée's border collie busy admiring the pretty chickens...You can see a wee bird landing on the feeder if you really get your spectacles on tight.

This week I brought knitting to work on versus spinning since my sweater is no where near done and its Dec. much for that deadline, eh? I also wanted Renée to see my new sock in progress and my Grass Creek Park Vest kit since it has a Border Collie in the pattern that I knew she would love.
Renée was spinning some gray fleece from her previous farm...oooh. Just what I needed to watch to get my spinning mojo simmering again. Here she is using her Louet wheel and note she is wearing her birthday socks à la Bergère. They look good on her.

I snapped a few pictures of the charming new flock of Shetland sheep for the blog... Aren't they sweet? The black one loves me and is the first to come for a cuddle when I visit. These sheep are so tiny!! They are no bigger than some dogs...The real dog in this picture is Baba the Lasa Apso. I bet ya a serious gal could sneak two of these moutons in a back yard in town, eh? I am just saying...

As for thy knitting... Like a good girl, I brought my knitting to the New Year's Eve party last night. I got as far as I could on the first sleeve until I realized I left behind much needed stitch markers and called it a year.
Today I really really wanted to start swatching for the vest... Since I only got to bed this morning and I am a little wonky in the head maybe I will have lunch then sit on the sofa and read through the pattern.

Happy New Year poppets!

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Paula said...

Oh, lucky you to have such a wonderful group of friends! Renee's Icelandic sheep are adorable.