Friday, January 11, 2008

Call me curly

I have been away... With the wee folk back to school I have been out and about. One of my new year hopes is to decorate their bedrooms. I have been shopping for storage bins, paint, new beds and gleaning ideas. I have been shopping for bargains and not enjoying much wool time at all. I have since had a hair cut and half of it is gone. I can't believe how much knitting time I save now
when I get out of the shower... No more tangles and endless drying. My hairdresser mentioned I had curly hair. Since when? I know I have a wonky wave thing happening at the back of my head but no curls that I remember. The hairdresser styled my hair and straigthened it with her fancy iron and fruity was cute and I liked it. After I washed and dried it as usual on my own I must say something has happened in the last few years...maybe its the water? But I have curlyish hair now! (And more knitting time - hiccup)

In other news...I have been watching the mailbox for days now because I was expecting my parcel from Peaknits. I won this cute little contest. The first ever. Fun stuff. After taking a peek inside the cover I thought of my son and his love of Koala bears.

Here is a koala baby I knit for my son Gage. My friend Lynda found this pattern for me that lets you decide the size of your bear by the gauge of your knitting wool kinda like An EZ pattern. I bought this gray sock yarn which made a baby koala and a pair of matching socks for Gazou.

So after all the paint clean up and the laundry today, I decided to get Little Gem II out for a spin. We watched some cooking shows and made a few more meters of yarn. Spinning to me is like Yoga for my brain. Well, I must go...the wee people are getting hungry again. The herd says hi!

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peaknits said...

I am so glad the parcel arrived in one piece:) That books just charms me so. I love the Koala, another warm fuzzy! And I have been and will keep on checking in:)