Sunday, January 6, 2008

black sheep

One last Christmas present I wasn't expecting...We had dinner with some friends and I came home with a new ewe! I love that she is black...just like Frieda. She was the top decoration on a jar of homemade candied pecans. Yum. I just love the way these sheep all seem to come from the same store like my friends and family went shopping together this year. Thank you! These girls might not supply wool for knitting but they look positively natural on my plant a wee garden for some tiny sheep. Bahh!


elisabeth said...

Found out about your blog through a mutual friend, Renée of course! Have become a regular reader. Enjoyed your comments about her and the pictures. Looking forward to meeting you all at a Monday night meeting session this winter. Keep up the good work!

alpagalilly said...

Ton blog est super! C'est agréable de te lire. J'ai hâte de voir la suite... Contente que tu aimes ton "black sheep" et tes sucreries d'érable!!!
Ton amie fileuse