Friday, November 30, 2007

Socks in the family.

I have a thing for knitting socks. I think they are so useful since I can carry a pair in progress with me and often can watch Corner Gas or listen to Ivy (my oldest) without goofing. I love to wear them too. Here are the finished birthday socks for my sister. I tried provisional cast on hem with picots on this pair. Fun stuff. The yarn is Online and I like the fake fair isle bits this yarn provides. Very rewarding. The pair in progress here is Regia Canadian colour...which turned into those commissioned socks I knit up for the post office lady in town.

...those commissioned socks.

I was taught to knit socks on four needles. I have tried five needles and that is fun sometimes but I get more speed with four. I am amazed that the first pair of socks I made for my boyfriend (which is now my husband) I did without a pattern with help from my parents. My mom told me how many stitches to cast on since it was her home spun wool and it was my Dad that came to my rescue to turn the heel when I got to that point and my mom was at work and I just couldn't wait.
My Dad used to knit socks when he was a teenager after leaving home and working on a farm. He knit socks to keep himself warm in winter and possibly to pass the time since he didn't have a regular pay and was dirt poor. He was 17 when he knit his last pair of socks. He was 69 by the time he turned my first heel. Wow. I guess in my family knitting is like riding a bicycle.
I have family members that knit socks like an addiction. Last time I spoke to my cousin Lise, she said she was up to 40 pairs! Go man go.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Last summer...

I knit in the is the view of our beach. I catch bass when I put down the needles.

This looks like a lot of fun but I was freaking out. You can see a small peek of Louise to the right. We were 'test-driving' the horses. I wanted to make damn sure I knew where the brakes were...let me tell ya!

My horse was called Chanel but she didn't put any on that day...peow. This is me litterally waving goodbye to Louise behind was her bachelorette party and what I wouldn't do for a friend?

Tour of Bergerie...Welcome!

I am sooo pleased to introduce my lovely flock. A year ago this past summer we bought three ewes. Koonie is the oldest and wisest. She is an East Friesan that I bought from a friend that was moving. On March 1st 2007, she gave birth to twins.

Pogo on the left and Mimosa on the right. They are all grown up now.

Meet Rhubarbe L'Amour. She was my very first lamb to move here before we had the beautiful barn I call the Bergerie. Len made a cozy pen with our empty wood shed and a little fenced park for her to catch the sun and eat grass and clover. This past summer we put pegs out in the clover fields and let the sheep mow the grass on leashes when the sun was not too hot. Mostly in the late afternoon. The name Rhubarbe was given to her because she is a little barbarian... always in the rhubarbe...getting into trouble and she jumps up to be petted and often breaks the feeders with her weight.

This is Frieda Clavelle. She is a lovely girl. She was named Frieda after that famous Mexican artist Senora Frieda Kahlo. Because of her whimsical white patch which reminded me of a nun's habit...I added the Clavelle second name after my children's favorite movie Madeleine and the beloved Ms. Clavelle that cared for the girls.

The bergerie this summer with a view from the bergamot patch in my garden. I have a thing for Bergamot. I found a purple variety late last summer and you shall hopefully see some of that next year... The Bergerie has a nifty new addition to it...where we store stuff like extra wood for the cookstove.

Snoopy dancing

Big news! High speed boys have just left the building... We are now connected folks. My wonderful sister has posted the picture of me and the current sock at the Château for me on her lunch. So that explains why I suddenly have a picture of yours truly on that post... As if anyone cares, I know... You will hear from me very soon. I have tons of pictures waiting in queue... I must go now and have my snoopy dance...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let them eat cake!

On Monday my husband decided we were going to buy our winter supply of hay for the herd. You know that line that says 'where my stash grows and grows'? Well, in order to grow, we have to feed said wool growers'. It is a slow and bumpy trip to the hay farmer and back with as big a load or two of hay we can muster. It is even harder getting the bails into the upper floor window of the bergerie. Guess who has to be in there to drag, push and huff and puff those bails into some sort of order? Me! My hubby peeps through the opening trying not to laugh at me because these rectangles of hay weight almost as much as my skinny arse. To make matters even stickier, there is not head room enough to stand. I have to lift and place the hay while being bent over which is murder on my everything. I was never so happy to sit and rest for a bit as yesterday in between loads. It's too bad I am not better at this farmer girl stuff. I say, let them eat cake! I did however, finish my pair of socks in the truck on the way to the hay farmer. One more gift done. I wish I could post a picture! I just can't stop wishing that... Where the hell is that Purolator guy? I must be last on the list or something. Anyway, what to knit next? I am nervous about that syncopated cap because I overheard my hubby grumble that there are too many tuques in this house... Oh dear, I didn't realize...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

One bean coffee...

I could wait for the possibility of someday adding photos to this sorry excuse of a blog; however I can't wait! I must share this with you. Yesterday was all about me... I had a spinning workshop at the OVWSG called 'Gaining Control'. (If only it affected my whole life!) It was over wayyy to soon and of course I left there in the belief that my brain is not a vessel but a canal... All jokes aside, I hope some of it will be applicable in my daily spinning life. It was so much fun! I learned how to use hand cards. I learned that you need to have some muscle to get those babies on the path to rolag bliss. I met some new ladies involved with the Guild and we took pictures and had Shawarma for lunch. Yum. I got home just in time to change and leave again because I was invited to a very special place... Château Montebello! Whoo hoo! Ahh it was so pretty in the snow at night with the Christmas lights twinkling. I was joining my sister there as her guest for her office Christmas party. Wow. What a treat! Of course, I brought my knitting.... The sock had a nap in the lovely room my sister got to spend the night in while we dined in grand style... She has a dream job doesn't she? We had a beautiful table with some dynamic people sharing the best fancy meal I have ever had. Le Café who? There was some damn good red wine... There was excellent conversation... There was delicious salad, artichoke soup, vegetables of perfection with raw beef which was sooo tender and a chocolate dessert which all culminated in the overwhelming desire for a really really good cup of coffee....right? I mean, this place is wonderful... The ambiance is just so. The food was fit for a King (or a president). We could almost taste it. A cappacino, espresso?? Oh man, we could hardly wait...and then it was poured... One bean coffee. La merde! Ruined everything. I should of had liquor tea. oh man... There goes my happy place. I guess we won't have the reception there when my sister marries Johnny afterall. Ah crap.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Snow and smiles

One sock done. I have decided that I really do love Regia yarn more than Super Soxx. Yup. But I am weak for certain colours so that's why I stray...
We have snow! I wish I could share a photo of the scene here after school yesterday... Papa took the kids for a ride on the new skidoo....The two kids on the back bouncing like noodles with face splitting smiles...It was too precious!
I have an appointment at the garage this afternoon. There is no shopping in my one horse town so I will bring my knitting! Hope they don't make me linger too long. At least the school is across the street if time runs out.
Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pepper is knitting!

By the way...I had a little chat with the high speed internet guy and he vaguely mentioned it was in the hands of the Purolator guy...Sounds a lot like the cheque is in the mail?? I am hoping that Purolator is fast at delivering this mystery equipment needed to hook me up. I have pictures to upload!

My seven yr old daughter Chloé whom I refer to as Pepper started to knit this past weekend. I am sooo proud of her! She is taking these pink garter stitches to heart and I would love to post a picture, don't you know.

I am busy knitting for Xmas. Right now it is socks for Len. The yarn is Soxx and something is weird about the tension...I had to frog it twice. He hates it when I rip up my work. It makes him woozie. He says he sees me knitting backwards more often than forward lately...ahhh that can't be true. I think it has something to do with him witnessing some traumatic cable repairs last summer and he is still getting over it...I have pictures of that too...Jeebus.

I finished knitting my hedgehog from fibertrends. Honestly, it took one day to knit but it actually took me three tries because I made mistakes. A lot of short rows and I suck at any math endless counting and the family keep bugging me talking to me. (Insert 'whoo hoo' to Narco here. She knows why. Thanks!) She spent a busy afternoon last weekend in with one load of laundry getting all pretty then I threw her into the dryer for good measure. We all think she is adorable. Without stuffing, she has boobs. Very funny indeed. This is my first felting of knitting (on purpose that is). I think she could use a little more scrubbing in some places. But I am particularly pleased with the paws which I used my own spun brown wool from Frieda of my herd. Very special. Glad that Frieda's wool felted so beautifully even though the wpi were not the same as the rest of the yarn. The whole thing is so cuddly and I want to make a few more.

We have snow on the ground! Makes the needles click faster I think. My cookstove is humming away...I wonder how I will ever leave the house to go Christmas shopping? It is so cozy here. If it wasn't for running out of fig newtons and coffee I would never leave again.

I had a happy moment at the last guild meeting... I saw at the next table a gal wearing the Oregon vest from Alice Starmore. I got to touch the soft wool and admire it. What a lovely vest and knit so beautifully. I promise myself to buy that kit someday. If I live through the Grass Creek Park vest next year...fingers crossed. Which leads me to...

I started swatching the syncopated caps. I do believe my yarn is not going to work without some tweaking. Maybe serious tweaking is needed. Like trying to buy another wool. I am a little baffled when comparing one gauge requirement to the next. Sometimes those numbers don't make sense to me. I have my work cut out for me. Some good advice would not hurt me either. I am a little discouraged...some of the bliss has rubbed off, I am afraid. Oh dear. I really loved the colour of the wool I chose for this project. Sigh. I'll keep knitting the socks for now.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Use your words!

A huge thank you to Narco for uploading some pictures for me today. So now you see me and the Bergerie... For now it will be a lesson in patience until Mr. High Speed gets a move on and installs me some friggin' parts to get this baby on the move. My sister has graceously given me a hand today and confirmed to me it takes only seconds for her to upload my pictures with her wicked internet access... Well, at least I have a back yard. Some things take time. Being in the country means you have to wait for technology to come a knockin'...

Today is one of those days... A day off for the school kids. It has been like mom's bootcamp all day. My kids are like a crowd of meercats. I had to laugh to myself two weeks ago when I brought Gazou (my son Gage) to the eye doctor and a Dad was in the over crowded waiting room with his son too... The little boy got upset over some toy he was sharing with another kid and the little boy suddenly went howling in frustration all through the office and headed for the door out into the building lobby... The Dad whom was entertaining his other child reacted with the words...'Hey buddy! Use your words!' I looked up from my knitting only to see if that choice phrase actually had a magical impact like stopping an angry 4 year old in his tracks to say to himself...Geez Dad, you're right. I will calm right down at this very moment and slowly return to my seat and be grateful for this four hour wait to see the eye doctor and forget about that brat that just ripped me off my toy. Yeah right. It did nothing. I had a little chuckle to myself. I wonder what brainiac gives out that advice to parents...use your words... Obviously, people don't have the same gene pool I am dealing with. By the way, I was very proud of Gazou. He made it through the 4 hour wait without for today....It did not go well.

Thankfully, knitting takes the edge off anything. I am knitting a Christmas present. This one is for Bonsai (my daughter Ivy). It is a cute hedgehog and if I could upload the freakin' picture without bothering anybody you would see that half way done it looks like road kill....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

No pictures yet...

I got one picture uploaded and then accidentally deleted it...Geez Louise I need help.
I am on the final lap of those commissioned socks... yesss. I went to the LYS earlier this week and found the colour of yarn I love on my hubby. I think he looks really good in this shade of rustiness. I bought some more sock yarn and some mitten yarn...I borrowed two books from the OVWSG library on mittens and such and am dreaming of a certain hat pattern I found in Interweave Knits magazine (summer 2007) called the syncopated caps by Kate Gilbert.

Other knitting I am dreaming of...I have promised myself to start a lovely (did I say lovely?) kit by Mabel Corlett of the Wool Room called Grass Creek Park Vest on January 1st 2008. Let the New Year come! I still have to finished my aran sweater still on the needles and this is a pretty cool deadline. Not too much pressure just incentive enough. If you ask me.

As for spinning...I plied the stuff I spun on my new spindle. Washed it and hung it out on the line. I have a picture of this but...sniff. I am happily spinning the Frieda wool. Not nearly often enough but the girl has laundry to do. Cooking and cleaning too. I even had to haul out my sewing machine this morning, much to my chagrin. It seems Len can't find a fall coat to fit his arms...sigh. I like sewing in small doses when it is something cool. But I loath repairs...cuts into my knitting time.

Well my herd have not seen me yet today...and you have not seen my herd! sniff...So I am off to the Bergerie.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dial-up is no friend of mine

Welcome! My first post. I have so many lovely pictures to share and nothin' wants to upload. Désolé. Luckily, knitting takes the edge off anything.
The sun is beaming through the windows today. It is cold outside and I am keeping the home fire burning. I think... Since we have just recently started making fires in the cookstove this season and I have to remember to feed wood into the beast... My hubby counts the sticks of kindling wood and gets crabby about making more if we suddenly run out... I am not so good with an axe so I try really hard not to waste those precious bits of dry wood for the sake of being forgetful.
On the needles...I have a commission to make socks for a 4 year old. I am winging this one because I don't remember how small those feet are... but I am willing to frog and have a re-do if the need be. Besides that, I have my aran cardigan sleeves to finish and Christmas presents to make!!