Thursday, December 6, 2007

Warm and cozy needles...

One good thing about being three apples high in my case, is that I have short arms to match the short everything else (thank God!). So my first sleeve is zipping along and I really enjoy seeing the delicate curve the increases are giving the sleeves' sutle shape. Nice... It is good to be so far along and still have that old fuzy feeling about this project. I can't wait to tackled that cute collar!!

I have been busy making pies this week. So in the evenings I am glad to curl up on the couch with my needles and stay warm after freezing all day in and out of the walk in freezer or just standing near the open freezer door while someone else is in there...nippy! Tonight we are having blueberry pie because I made dozens of them all day and so my hands are purple. A little note of nostalgia...the cable needle used here belonged to my Mum. I remember how much she loved to knit cables and I remember how happy she was to use this particular cable needle. When she passed away I put it in a safe place and I think this is a pretty cool inheritance.

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