Monday, December 3, 2007

Moss stitch madness

I have big plans folks for 2008. So it is game on for this cardigan.
I started it when I sat down one afternoon to fill out a questionnaire in my new Vogue Knitting magazine Winter 2003/04. The title was Getting to know you! Question #14 was the catalyst. How many of the items in each of the following categories have you knit in the past twelve months, and how much have you spent on yarn for each project? Uh...? None. I had subscribed for over 10 years and realized at that moment that I have not knit one pattern. Where does the time go? Too busy with career and kids, I say. I had this yarn from way back that I wanted to make into something washable for myself so I picked the Sitting Pretty pattern #16 of the same issue. Not much for shopping around. I have a thing for moss stitch. I see it and go weak in the knees. Sold. I had a darn hard time knitting said cardigan with three wee kids running around and bookkeeping. I read through the pattern and it said something about Short Row Wrapping....yeah right. I so can do anything and proceeded to put it in a Ziploc and forgot about it. I joined the Ottawa Knitting Guild last year and the first workshop I took was about short rows. I think it was destiny. I came home that night and unzipped the bag with the aran sweater and read the pattern over again and started knitting... The bottom is kinda wonky. I don't care. I just want to finish with this acrylic albeit nice brown washable moss stitchy cardi.

This summer I got the scary short rows wrapped and the shoulders thus shaped. I must say thank you to Lucy Neatby for the moral support and her phone number (no kidding).

I finished the back and then the kiddos where off on summer vacation. Where did I put that Ziploc again? I went on to some easy beach knitting like socks...then once September rolled around I got the Ziploc out and had a go at the front. My husband got very nervous each and every time I found a mis-turned cable and had to perform a knitting autopsy on the kitchen table. I unfortunately deleted one of those pre-blog photos by accident while cleaning up my pictures this past weekend, ah crap.

It is a great relief to know you can actually fix a mistake in a 28 row repeat of cables without frogging the entire section. Keep a crochet hook nearby at all cost and a note pad for documenting and you're good to go.

I found these buttons at the Wool Room in Kingston which I thought would be so pretty...

Here is the sleeve in progress. I like the way the cable is different here and there is more moss stitch to look at...yummy! Wish me luck because my goal is to get this off the sticks before New Years Eve. I start to work tomorrow 20 hours a week at my neighbours store to help with the pre-Christmas rush and make a little yarn money spending money for the holidays. This regrettably cuts into my knitting time so the pressure is on. But I will need to relax after a long day of pies, pies, pies, pies.

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