Sunday, December 16, 2007


My sister suggested I replace my title summer barn picture with a more appropriate seasonal one and I just got around to it today. If you notice, I changed the title picture to a snowy version of the bergamot path. I love this plant so much that I do not remove the dead stalks until the following Spring. I think they are still attractive sticking out of the snow. The Bergerie has changed too...we have an additional storage room. I would love to buy a wreath for the Bergerie...I mentioned this to Len last night and he laughed. Maybe I should think about making one.

Today as usual, my herd was happy to see me and they recognized me even though I was completely bundled up against the storm. Then again, they more than likely recognized the digital camera...ah that must by Maaaa! Rhubarb is always the loudest and most vocal of the sheep. She always says "Maaaa". I think she is greeting me. Each one has her own voice and I can tell which one it is from a distance. I answer back and say Hello Rhubarb...Frieda...Mimosa... or Kounie! Pogo never makes a sound. He is very gentle (and sneaked off to the side when I snapped this photo).

Birthday socks! I promised to blog a picture of them and only after I sealed the parcel shut did I realize I had forgot to photograph them. Pepper asked me why I have to take pictures of all my knitting? It all seems a little silly to her. This is Super Soxx in the plain recipe for my hubby. His birthday is the 19th. I really wish his birthday was not the same week as Christmas. I think he has been jipped all his life. I try to make his day special but he often gets Christmas wrapping paper or Christmas cards saying Happy Birthday. Or just plain forgotten by family or friends. I find it tricky to come up with enough cool gift ideas for both occasions. I really have to put my thinking cap on every year. I am really grateful he loves my socks. Can never get enough of them. Will complain if left too long without a new pair etc.
Ivy made us a snack for lunch. And can you see the snow piling up in the window??? yikes! I hope the boys make it back soon. They had locked the keys in the truck this morning and Uncle James went to unlock it...stay tuned. I am still managing to walk to the wood shed for more logs. The snow is coming down and its blowing around making drifts. It is 11 degrees below. Tea anyone?

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peaknits said...

Thank you for coming by my blog - your sheep are gorgeous! Happy Birthday Christmas:) The IBSN on the Dirty Wow Wow book is 978-1-58008-832-9 - it is so sweet.