Friday, December 28, 2007

Eat your peas

We had family over for supper on the 26th and when I was cleaning up the plates and putting left overs in the fridge. I made a sheepie-bag of crudités for the herd. Those veggies that the wee folk had on their plates but didn't finish. Along with that was about a ladles worth of peas I served with the meal. My flock are very used to eating fresh goodies from the kitchen and they get excited when they see me coming with a the time I tried a spelt muffin recipe. They ate a dozen in no time flat. When I make apple pies they love the peels. All left over toast and especially homemade wholewheat pizza crust (Koonie's all time favorite). So this time when I went out to the bergerie to check on the water dish...I noticed something in the grain trough...Upon closer inspection I realized they were the peas I had mixed in with the fresh carrots and cauliflower...My sheep didn't eat their peas either!

Here is Frieda and Rhubarb standing on their hind legs to see what I have in my sheepie-bag from the kitchen...

I made this hat to match Ivy's winter coat. She likes to draw this little pig she calls Grink. It is fun to put kid drawings in your knitting.


Paula said...

LOL. I think it is very funny that the sheep left the peas. And Grink is very cute.

peaknits said...

I love the sheep - and their taste in veggies:) The Grink hat is adorable - clever idea!