Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dust is falling...

A paper crane all the way from Hong Kong! Today we had an unexpected visitor at the Bergamot bergerie. A lovely lady named Irene from Hong Kong whom loved the sheep. She is visiting my nephew Daniel and they popped in for a visit. The kids and I were crafting and this lovely girl grabbed herself a piece of construction paper and started folding....I smiled in anticipation to see if my guess was right...a paper crane! I lost my family dog at Christmas in 1989 and in memory of him I made a paper crane for my Christmas tree. Which still graces the branches next to skinny Santa...I have long forgotten how to fold a square of paper into a lovely bird and was rather beside myself when the magic happened at the kitchen table. Not quite believing the impeccable timing...

I am amazed at the way life can twist and turn you around. Things happen and sometimes the timing is just right or wrong. This past week we lost our beloved uncle James, my husband's brother and best friend. We are now getting the family ready for the funeral and Christmas and it all seems so surreal. We are strong because his vibrant love of life and jovial self has left a dust fall on us all with his passing to teach us that life is too short and time is too precious. We miss him. But he would be sad that Christmas would be called off!

The paper crane on the tree is another speck of dust...a gift that a young girl from Hong Kong has delivered to us without knowing she was such a timely and meaningful messenger. I believe in destiny and am so grateful James was here last Sunday in my kitchen telling me all about the gifts he just bought for his family.

After the paper cranes were perched in the tree our conversation turned to the loom in the family room which led to a demonstration of spinning on my wheel and my spindle and the spindle she wanted to try! I taught her how to spin in return for the paper cranes... After they left I realized I forgot to take a picture of us but hopefully we will have another chance.

After our evening meal of pancakes, sausages and real maple syrup...we started to make Gingerbread dough. This year, the children are each making a birdhouse to fill with candy. I got the idea from Danceswithwool. I guess wool is not always about end up sharing so much more.


nicole said...

Aline, I'm so glad to find your delightful blog (thank you for visiting mine!)

My condolences to you and your family. It sounds like James was a wonderful person.

Despite the sadness, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas, and that your fond memories sprinkle more golden dust over everything to make it special.

Paula said...

Allo Aline. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother-in-law so close to Christmas, but there is no good time to lose a loved one, is there?

Hope and healing to you, your family, and James' family.

Now that the days grow longer again, my thoughts turn already to Spring. Will you have lambs?