Sunday, December 30, 2007

The dark side of 'each side'

The self inflicted deadline looms largely upon my person... I have my sleeve permanently placed on the kitchen table until I finish with it. And bitterly complaining about how many times a day I have to actually feed three children, a husband, a dog and some sheep...

Therefore, I am clicking along every chance I get. Last night I got finished one particular set of decreases in my pattern for the top of the sleeve at which point it says you should have 48 stitches left. I counted and got 58! Ah crap. I looked down and gasped. Do you see it too? I read the instruction again and it says and I quote: "dec 1 st each side every other row 10 times-48 sts." Bloody hell. Where did the words 'each side' come from anyways?


Paula said...

Aargh! I hate when that happens, which may explain why I so rarely knit sweaters.

Leanne said...

Don't you hate it when they add words to patterns after you've already knit it?! It happens to all of us at some point or another!

Happy New Year!