Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tour of Bergerie...Welcome!

I am sooo pleased to introduce my lovely flock. A year ago this past summer we bought three ewes. Koonie is the oldest and wisest. She is an East Friesan that I bought from a friend that was moving. On March 1st 2007, she gave birth to twins.

Pogo on the left and Mimosa on the right. They are all grown up now.

Meet Rhubarbe L'Amour. She was my very first lamb to move here before we had the beautiful barn I call the Bergerie. Len made a cozy pen with our empty wood shed and a little fenced park for her to catch the sun and eat grass and clover. This past summer we put pegs out in the clover fields and let the sheep mow the grass on leashes when the sun was not too hot. Mostly in the late afternoon. The name Rhubarbe was given to her because she is a little barbarian... always in the rhubarbe...getting into trouble and she jumps up to be petted and often breaks the feeders with her weight.

This is Frieda Clavelle. She is a lovely girl. She was named Frieda after that famous Mexican artist Senora Frieda Kahlo. Because of her whimsical white patch which reminded me of a nun's habit...I added the Clavelle second name after my children's favorite movie Madeleine and the beloved Ms. Clavelle that cared for the girls.

The bergerie this summer with a view from the bergamot patch in my garden. I have a thing for Bergamot. I found a purple variety late last summer and you shall hopefully see some of that next year... The Bergerie has a nifty new addition to it...where we store stuff like extra wood for the cookstove.

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Leanne said...

Your sheep are adorable. They looks so soft and cuddly and knittable :-)

Congrats on getting high-speed! That will certainly make blogging much more fun.