Friday, November 30, 2007

Socks in the family.

I have a thing for knitting socks. I think they are so useful since I can carry a pair in progress with me and often can watch Corner Gas or listen to Ivy (my oldest) without goofing. I love to wear them too. Here are the finished birthday socks for my sister. I tried provisional cast on hem with picots on this pair. Fun stuff. The yarn is Online and I like the fake fair isle bits this yarn provides. Very rewarding. The pair in progress here is Regia Canadian colour...which turned into those commissioned socks I knit up for the post office lady in town.

...those commissioned socks.

I was taught to knit socks on four needles. I have tried five needles and that is fun sometimes but I get more speed with four. I am amazed that the first pair of socks I made for my boyfriend (which is now my husband) I did without a pattern with help from my parents. My mom told me how many stitches to cast on since it was her home spun wool and it was my Dad that came to my rescue to turn the heel when I got to that point and my mom was at work and I just couldn't wait.
My Dad used to knit socks when he was a teenager after leaving home and working on a farm. He knit socks to keep himself warm in winter and possibly to pass the time since he didn't have a regular pay and was dirt poor. He was 17 when he knit his last pair of socks. He was 69 by the time he turned my first heel. Wow. I guess in my family knitting is like riding a bicycle.
I have family members that knit socks like an addiction. Last time I spoke to my cousin Lise, she said she was up to 40 pairs! Go man go.


tangled stitch said...

They are beautiful socks. You should be very proud. I'm not a sock knitter myself but you make me want to try!

Daniel said...

Love the colours... I wish I could find a worsted weight wool that would do that... Great work... :-)